Africa-China Cooperation: Taking Stock

Africa-China relations relations date as far back as the 3rd century A.D. Historians postulate that there had been exp

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Juba City: Infrastructure, Services and Environment

Infrastructure and service provision are failing to keep pace with the expanding town. State authorities have been rel

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Mindset Change: Key to Africa's Propserity

It is no secret that Africa is rich in minerals and other natural resources, resources that have been commercially exp

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Nigeria: State of The Nation

Nigeria is firmly committed to democratic principles. We are ready partners in combating terrorism, cyber crimes, control of communicable diseases and protection of the environment.

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Sham Elections and the Electoral System in South Africa

Allow the IEC to be truly independent or set up an All Party Electoral Commission

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How to Win an Election

How many Quintus Ciceros are in Zambia? Political operatives whose raison d'être is to lie and lie and traffic in more lies and purvey false scandals!

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Massive Advertising Opportunities for Africa’s Audiences

African consumers are highly receptive to advertising messages

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Achieving Structural Transformation in Africa

Commissioner Acyl stresses the need for Member States and Stakeholders to come together in order to achieve the structural transformation of Africa

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Church, State and National Development

Many have missed altogether the co-relationship between God’s Law (God’s Word) and the constitution and other national laws

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The Role of Media in Development

The exercise of editorial power must be tempered with restraint, responsibility, good taste and a very firm sense of proportion.

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Zambia: Rule of Law or Rule of Liars?

This August 2016 elections, first, the people of Zambia should not give the politicians a chance to lie.

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The 6th IREN Eastern Africa Thought Leaders Forum

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) initiated The Eastern Africa Thought Leader Forum in August 2011. The main purpose of this forum is to identify strategies that enable East Africans to organ

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South Sudan: A Young Nation’s Painful Experiments with Her Leaders

Having gained our independence and the freedom we so yearned for, we expected our leaders to continue with the second phase of liberation

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Kenya Politics: How Opposition Cord Can Win Power

The three Principals should rally behind a compromise candidate who will easily neuter the tyranny of numbers

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Trump for President?

We seem to be in the throes of a revolt to traditional values and leadership.

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Raila: A Lone Ranger?

Raila needs strong people who will spur the momentum of his charm offensive.

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Kenya Seeks Closer Cooperation With Russia

Kenya and Russia had established diplomatic relations on December 14, 1963 and now have growing solid relations.

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President Obama on Ebola and Press Freedom in Africa

What we do know is that the Ebola virus, both currently and in the past, is controllable if you have a strong public health infrastructure in place.

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President Obama Answers Questions from Young Africans

There are ways where we can make a difference. And oftentimes, particularly in rural areas of Africa, you don't need a lot of capital to get started

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30 Youth-Owned Startups and SMEs to Pitch to Investors in Agribusiness Innovation and Trade Fair

The key objective of the Agribusiness Innovation and Trade Fair is to create an ecosystem of trade, financing and capability support for the 30 startups and SMEs.

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Doing Business: Russia, Africa and the Media

Over the past few years, Russian authorities have been prioritizing media cooperation and the use of soft power to address the falling image of Russia

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