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04 - 11 November 2009 
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About Us


The African Executive (AE), a publication of the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN), is the market leader in opinion on Africa's socio- political and economic development. The African Executive is registered in Kenya as a newspaper and  runs every Wednesday. The core purpose of The AE is to promote prosperity among African people.


The African Executive features analytical issue-based coverage on Finance and Banking, Investment opportunities in Africa, Technology, Agriculture, Governance, Travel and Entertainment among others. The majority of The African Executive readers are exposed with high affinity to travel and have interest in Africa's regional, continental and international affairs. 



The magazine was established in 2005. The magazine traces its roots to James Shikwati's weekly opinion pieces that were circulated to subscribed list of members in 2001 - 2002. The weekly circulation of this opinion pieces was changed to an IREN Kenya Newsletter (2002 - 2005) which later transformed into The African Executive magazine that accommodates wider opinion and reviews on issues about Africa.




The African Executive is an authority in steering the African continent towards prosperity. The publication's content is driven by our philosophy that a Free African Mind is the Ultimate Capital.


The African Executive Products


*   Individuals with a continental perspective on African issues

*   An African voice on global issues

*   Business opportunities out of African challenges

*   An authority on business trends in Africa and the world


Our Value addition


*   We provide a transnational marketing platform in Africa

*   We offer new and alternative perspectives on issues behind mainstream news

*   We present to you Africa's opportunities   


Our Contacts


The African Executive  

Argwings Kodhek Road Hurlingham,  

Nyaku House Mezz Fl.  

Box 135 GPO Code 00100  

Nairobi, Kenya


Phone   +254202731497   

Fax       +254202723258




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