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08 - 15 August 2007 
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African Heroes

Vusi Mahlasela: Building a musical Africa from tin and Fishing Line

Mahlasela delved into poetry and songwriting as a teen, eventually joining youth organizations protesting South Africa's separatist, white government. Reading poems at night vigils, funerals and anti-Apartheid marches triggered a long streak of police harassment. His poems and songs were routinely c [Read More]

Sylvester John: Connecting African Entrepreneurs to Global Business

The average university students in Africa will wait to graduate before they seek to exercise the power of knowledge to impact their communities. Not so for a Sierra Leone born Sylvester John, who in May 2000, as an undergraduate student in the University of North Florida (U.S.A) helped establish a [Read More]

Emeka Okafor: Africa Has Good Things to Offer

Today, Emeka runs two blogs: Timbuktu Chronicles which aggregates some of the most interesting and exciting models of entrepreneurship happening in Sub-Saharan Africa and Africa Unchained that allows Emeka to "think out loud" about paradigms of development, innovation and politics. [Read More]

Tu Nokwe: Originality and Music Power Blend

Tu Nokwe’s passion and love for children and community is the driving force for her music. This has seen her Album, African Child win ‘Best release from Africa’ on the British world music magazine [Read More]

Zeresenay Alemseged: Origin of Man to Help Stem Conflicts

Learning about our origins is not merely a matter of curiosity but is the key to comprehending what we are and where we will end up [Read More]

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