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20 - 27 April 2005 
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An African Child is Born

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN Kenya) is honored to present a weekly online magazine; The African Executive: Your Business Partner. The African Executive replaces our traditional IREN Kenya Newsletter that will be featured on quarterly basis by subscription.  

The African Executive: Your Business Partner targets the business community, researchers, academia, public policy experts and general readership in Africa and the rest of the World to promote ideas that contribute to the development of Africa. The Magazine will be published in English and hosts subscriptions from Africa and the rest of the World. This new product is designed not to overload your inboxes. All articles are hosted on the website  to ensure that one can peruse back issues. A feedback and Q &A section is included and above all, writers from all corners of the globe interested in African issues can enjoy an easy access to the editor both through email, postal and interactive website. Our objective is to surface African entrepreneurs and successful business role models for our audience. Individuals, organizations, businesses and educational institutions are welcome to advertise within the magazine. This magazine is meant to celebrate African producers while pointing out reasons why they can not grow to the next level. Supporting The African Executive: Your Business Partner will go along way in improving both intra-Africa and international business and the quality of journalism in Africa. Current subscribers to the IREN Newsletter have been automatically added on the new mailing list. However, note that the freedom to unsubscribe is also provided, simply click on the unsubscribe section of the magazine and our system will automatically remove you from the list.

On behalf of the IREN Kenya team, would like to invite you to contribute ideas and participate actively in this forum. Please send us your feedback on areas that need improvement in order to facilitate a top quality magazine for you. Thank you very much.



By James Shikwati
Mr. Shikwati is the Director of Inter Region Economic Network

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An African Child is Born

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