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12 - 19 March 2008 
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Great Zimbabwe Intellectual Debate- Harare

Topic: Democratic Pluralism as a  Bedrock of Market Excellence 

This is an informal policy development dialogue for business, academic, technocratic & civic society leaders who appreciate the relevance of pluralism as basis for reaping the benefits of  Free Market Economics. It will be held on Tuesday, March 2008 at 5:30pm  at Jazz 105 Restaurent. Cnr 2nd St/R. Manyika, Harare. Donations in Z$ will be welcome at the door to cover basic innovation costs. Otherwise, this knowledge exchange is free. Everyone MUST talk! 

For details, call Rejoice on cell: 0912 256 326 and/or e-mail your BOOKING to for planning purposes. 

There is a fallacy that we Zimbabweans are NOT allowed to talk!  I'm like Da-aa!, by who? Zimbos are ALWAYS talking ALL the time - especially we Harareans.Obama this, Arsenal that. Mbeki that, ZIFA that. Robert that, Gono that. Simba that, Dynamos that. Morgan, Highlanders, Pot-holes that, water that, Arthur, inflation blah, blah, blah. So what's the big deal about wagging a tongue or two?  

Okay, cut the spittle and perhaps say: SOME people in CERTAIN quarters of Zimbabwe don't LIKE to HEAR what OTHERS have to say. Well, that's their own problem! If you don't like to listen to someone talk SENSE, there are 101 ways to stuff RAW cotton into your ears! At my club, CLUB COMALISO, we believe in TALKING. As they say, [and this is my Ndebele version]: Umntwana ongakhulumiyo uzofela embelekweni!   


Topic:  Democratic Pluralism as a Bedrock of Market Excellence

Date: Tuesday, 18th  March 2008

Time: 5.30 pm

Venue:Jazz 105, corner 2nd St and R. Manyika ave, Harare

Club COMALISO invites business, academic, technocratic and CSO leaders who appreciate the relevance of democratic pluralism as a 'good' sign that Zimbabwe will [one day?] fully embrace a free market economy. Exactly, if you don't agree with me that poverty, social and economic regression is caused by TOO MUCH control of people's lives, come argue over a glass of cold..... something.

I'm a 101% convert of FREE ECONOMIES and believe that ANY control, justified or unjustified is .... You guessed right, UNJUSTIFIED primitivism. ALL countries that are poor have all sorts of market restrictions. I mean the market, like a good jazz beat, can set its OWN tempo, as long as the octave, sorry, the policy instrument... I mean environment, is right. Right now the beat is out of sync not because the players are  half asleep [or are they? YOU tell me!], but we are playing the wrong chord. But if you, as a THINKER, just sulk and shift in your couch without SAYING anything, the discord will contaminate your eardrums until you stress yourself to .... Warren Hills. So for the sake of YOUR health, SAY something, it's THERAPIC!

Hey, there's a lot of BIG TALKERS out there who'll like to beat you at your own TALKING game!

For details, call Rejoice on cell: 0912 256 326 and/or e-mail your booking to




By Rejoice Ngwenya
Besides being a Freelance Writer in Zimbabwe, Rejoice runs his own policy dialogue ‘think tank’ called Coalition for Market & Liberal Solutions: COMALISO

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