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22 - 29 October 2008 
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Obama at the Doors of White House!

Americans Living Abroad are Voting
“That One,” pointing at Senator Obama, was how Senator McCain referred to Senator Obama during their second debate. Now tell me, if we are expected to be cordial and civil with gentlemanly demeanor to each other (especially members of US Senate; an exclusive club) what took over Senator McCain to refer to a fellow senator in such a demeaning and disrespectful manner? 
Senator Obama, a product of enviable educational background, one that rose because of his sheer desire to be a public servant (and not a politician) should not by any stretch of the imagination be spoken at and or pointed at as That One. Senator McCain should redeem his character by apologizing to Senator Obama. In private settings, I wouldn't be surprised if Senator McCain refers to Senator Obama as, 'That Boy.'

My father neither lived in the US  nor visited the country but he taught me that in politics, an opponent, no matter the circumstance, should never be demeaned. But in God's own America where we are informed that we are the 'Best', how come those seeking public office condescend to low levels to characterize their opponents using primitive language and comments?
I watch in disbelief how grown ups in America speak falsehood in order to get cheap ovation from their audience. We need to desist from this practice. As the world sees America battle over something that is better done through exchanging views and offering better solutions, America’s standing is lowered further. The world wants to know that Americans can be trustworthy, are contrite and respectful. If we in America can say stuff in McCain's mean manner, it is obvious we say awful things about others, especially if they come from developing nations.

Senator McCain has shown that under fire and campaign stress, he crumbles and resorts to conducts unbecoming. Had he not held out his character as a cardinal asset, I wouldn't be surprised. But for someone that sold us prior to now his values and virtues, only for such to be seen as 'empty', is unbefitting for the man. Politics should be without bitterness. Politics should be about marshalling one's positions on issues and laying bare how to achieve them. Let the VOTERS decide.
The stars are not aligned in favor of Senator McCain except of course, we have October surprises. Maybe after this exercise, he should pull back and recognize that in the minority clan, there are men and women of substance who can hold their own. That America hold persons from the minority clan behind and often think they are not capable, is a fallacy of the highest order. While race/ethnic disposition encourages some to label others bad, God the Creator, is not partial and no way in His love for his own unduly rewarded any particular ethnic group with all the goodies. God did not create stupid persons or half persons. But we tend especially in America to look down at people because they come from the minority clan and judge them unduly.
Senator McCain, the first 'white man' to experience superior performance from a member of a minority clan in the running for the most exalted office of the land, is getting a shock of his life. I hope other 'white men' who may share in Senator McCain's ways, be put on notice. Minorities are no dumb folks. They are capable. The fact that we are denied a place at the dinner table does not mean we do not know how to hold/use the knife, spoon and fork.
We sure CAN and do know how. Senator Obama has shown that in all manners. As we approach the D-day; November 4, 2008, an epoch day in the annals of election in US, we should remind ourselves that we are not having a Civil War, but a civic and civil exercise to endorse by VOTING that person who will better deliver us for the next 4.

By Ejike Okpa
participates in discussions on public finance and structure.

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