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17 - 24 December 2008 
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Taxation: I Million Signatures Required

Dear friends,

I filed a petition at the High Court seeking to compel Kenya Revenue authority to collect taxes from our Members of Parliament and other constitutional office holders in Kenya.  

The response from you my friends has been overwhelming, the original email message that I sent to you has reached all the four corners of the earth. Yes that is the power of technology. I have received hundreds of messages, phone calls, sms, email and mail from facebook. There are many friends whom we had lost contact and this struggle has brought us together again this is a true blessing.  

Many of you have congratulated me for the move and many more offered messages of encouragement, advice and support. I am truly touched and I feel buoyed by your support and now I have the energy to go on.  

All this was as a result of my plea to you to spread the word on my behalf to all your friends and relatives, you did not disappoint. I also asked those of you who have been touched to come forward and be enjoined in the petition, I have received tones of requests from friends and relatives who want to stand with me against this dictatorship by parliament.

Towards this end, I have developed an online petition form (attached) which you can spread to others who would like to be enjoined with me and email back to me through this yahoo address. We intend to collect one million signatures from Kenyans who wish to show their disgust and revulsion at the impunity by our MPís.

My petition before Justice Nyamu wants a constitutional court to declare section 5 read together with section 2 of the National Assembly Remuneration Act Chapter 5 of the Laws of Kenya null and void as they infringe on our fundamental human rights contrary to the Constitution of Kenya. The inter parties hearing has been set for January 26, 2009. However in the meantime we have a few tricks up our sleeves and I will inform of these as we go along.

Have a great day,

Kind regards,

Michael Otieno (A proud tax payer).

Sign the Petition from the Link Below

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