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20 - 27 January 2010 
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The 8th IREN Eastern Africa Media Training Workshop (March 17 - 20, 2010)

Theme: The Billionth African

Date: 17- 20 March 2010

Venue: Kampala, Uganda

Africa received its billionth baby late last year. The billionth baby may just be another mouth to feed or the leader who will liberate the continent. It may need diapers, milk, water, cloth, shelter, education, medicine and parental warmth. The politics of the day may turn it into a soldier or a business entrepreneur.

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) offers Communication Managers, Business Development Managers and Journalists in the Eastern Africa Region an opportunity to participate in a 2- day training workshop on the opportunities and threats offered by the billionth African on the continent.

Topics of discussion

1. The billionth teacher in Africa
2. The billionth job seeker in Africa
3. The Billionth Migrant from Africa
4. The billionth politician in Africa
5. The billionth producer in Africa
6. The one billion business stalls (kiosks) in Africa
7. The billionth ‘Hellos’ across Africa


For the last seven years, IREN has trained over 230 journalists who cover business, development and governance issues from various independent media houses in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia Ghana and Zambia. The annual training aims at exposing media practitioners to factors that influence events in the world and to principles of wealth creation.

The 8th IREN Eastern Africa Media Training Workshop set for 17-20 March 2010, under the theme: ‘The Billionth African’ will seek to explore the life of the billionth African, the challenges he will face and the opportunities he presents for the prosperity of the continent. 

2003-2009 Media Training Workshop Themes

2003 World Trade Organization
2004 Business and International Trade
2005 Property Rights in the African Context
2006  Conquering poverty through Business in Eastern Africa
2007 Turning Africa's People into a Resource
2008  The Role of the Media in Positioning Africa in the 21st Century
2009  Africa Resources Conflict: Whose Interests Does the Press Serve?

Participation Criteria 

The training workshop is open to all communication managers, business development mangers, journalists and other communication experts in Africa. Interested participants should send the following:
– Duly   filled application form (Down load)
– A brief bio

Application deadline – 9th February 2010

Cost of Attending

Day Scholar Rates: Kshs 15,000 (USD 200) for the entire training.
Full Board Rates (including accommodation for 3 nights): Kshs 60,000(USD 800) for the entire training.
Travel:  All participants to make their own travel arrangements to and from the venue.  

The 8th IREN Eastern Africa Media Training Workshop


Draft Workshop Schedule


Day 1


8.30- 9.00       Opening Remarks


9.00-10.30     Workshop 1: Human Resource and Attitude


10.30-11.00   Tea Break 


11.00-1.00      Workshop 2: Unemployment and Migration


1.00 -2.00        Lunch Break


2.00-2.15          Recap


2.15 -3.45       Workshop 3: The Ballot Box and Leadership


3.45 -4.15        Tea Break


4.15-5.00       Wrap up 


Day 2  


8.30- 9.00     Recap


9.00-10.30      Workshop 4: The Consumer and the Producer


10.30-11.00      Tea Break


11.00-12.30  Workshop 5: The Internet and Cell Phone Revolution


12.30-1.45    Lunch Break 


1.45-2.05      Recap


2.05-3.35      Resolutions


3.35-4.00       Tea Break


4.00-4.30      Closing of the workshop

For more information contact:
Anne Mugoya
The Business Development Manager,
Inter Region Economic Network
Box 135 GPO Code 00100, Nairobi Kenya,
Email or,
Phone: 254-20-2731497

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