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03 - 10 February 2016 
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The ‘Why’ and ‘So What’ of Africa Rising

What the ordinary African wants to see is the knock on benefits induced by the growth dividends [Read More]

Name Change: Zimbabwe Fronts Self-awareness

Zimbabwe once again proves that amidst international criticism, she still has something nice to offer in terms of cultural heritage and self-awareness. [Read More]

Miguna: Why the PM Must Protect Him

Miguna Miguna is treading on dangerous grounds and has fallen into a well-choreographed plan to stop Prime Minister Raila Odinga. [Read More]

Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and Briefcase Journalism

Mudsling and propaganda seem to be a permanent feature of Nigerian politics. [Read More]

Negative ethnicity: Devouring Uganda?

We should harness our cultural and ethnic differences to enrich our society. [Read More]

Nigeria: Things Falling Apart?

All over the world, oligarchies are being challenged; dictators are being disgraced and universal orthodoxies are being questioned. [Read More]

Kenya: A Case for Direct Democracy

Direct democracy urgently needs to be operationalised in Kenya so that the voters do not merely get to vote every five years to elect parliamentarians and the president [Read More]

One Africa - One Voice Against Hunger

On 25 August, we expect that dignitaries from Africa and far beyond the continent will give focused attention to the situation in the Horn of Africa. [Read More]

Samuel Wanjiru: Disturbing Questions

In the Western world, when a tragedy occurs; thorough investigations are swiftly conducted and preventive measures put in place. [Read More]

Harambee Spirit Drives the Philippines

Brigada Eskwela is the true essence of the spirit of ‘Harambee’ at play in the Philippines [Read More]

Media Ought to Drive Development

Government control and propaganda, have done a disservice to the role of the media in nation building. [Read More]

Urbanisation: The Detour

When and where did the detour from urbanization begin? [Read More]

Kenya ICC Tussle: Old Order Vs New Order?

Kenyans are unhappy with impunity and lawlessness. [Read More]

Africa’s Contemporary Threats

The marginalization of Africa also creates new opportunities for African countries including East Africa. [Read More]

Employment: Kenya Youth Grow Impatient

The trend in the Arab world should give our political leadership an urgency to improve the younger generation’s social and economic opportunities. [Read More]

Democracy Must be Nurtured

Even in Europe, more political participation is required. In many western countries as well, people do not feel represented adequately. [Read More]

African Union Off - Radar as Missiles Rain in Africa

By disconnecting themselves from the people, African leaders and AU have handed over the radar to foreigners to steer the continent. [Read More]

9th IREN EA Media Training: A Participant's Voice

Media houses must contribute a certain percentage of space/airtime to accommodate development agenda [Read More]

EITI Pays Dividends in Tanzania

EITI is aligned with Tanzania's policy of promoting transparency and accountability in the management and use of natural resources. [Read More]

COMESA Targets Africa's Economic Transformation

COMESA will champion the race to economic transformation through food security, value addition, diversified economies, trade and overall economic integration for Africa-wide prosperity. [Read More]

Kenya Puts Funds in Torn Pockets

With corruption, wastage and unnecessary administrative costs, 20-30% of the allocated funds get to do anything meaningful [Read More]

Hands-Off Policy to Solve the Unemployment Problem

In SA, for every three existing jobs, one more will have to be added if today’s unemployed are to be absorbed into the labour force. [Read More]

'KKK Alliance' Threat to Kenya Cohesion

KKK has nothing else binding other than bringing the three big tribes in Kenya to win Executive power. [Read More]

This is Africa's Time

Effective usage of Africa's natural resources will generate income for other investment [Read More]

Tribalism and its Political Undercurrents

If the tribe was to be moved from the language and traditions level to a national level, what a beautiful continent we would have! [Read More]

Kenya Coalition Principals Grossly Misguided about Kenyan Youth

We sympathize with the coalition principals’ embarrassment suffered after the honest and unflattering contents of WikiLeaks, but wish to categorically protest against the Machiavellian use of youth as a political distraction shield of sorts. [Read More]

Which Way for Uganda’s Housing Challenge?

Uganda and Kampala in particular is lacking over 5000 housing units leaving dozens of Ugandans grappling for decent housing. [Read More]

Looking East: Zimbabwe's Lifeline

Why should Zimbabwe look West and lower its people’s living standards on the back of high interest loans, when it can seek out soft loans and improve people’s lives, by simply looking East? [Read More]

NACADA Should Involve Stakeholders

The National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority (NACADA) has its job cut out to ensure stewardship of this sector. [Read More]

Ghana: The 'Rational' vs 'Irrational' in Combat

Belief in witchcraft is a real danger to the survival of the African civilization. Mixed with poverty, it could be the end of Africans’ attempt to progress. [Read More]

Money Laundering: US Stand on Africa Healthy

The US is ready to work with African State institutions to curb corruption and money laundering. [Read More]

The Economy Vs Ethical Capitalism

The economic sphere is neither ethically neutral, nor inherently inhuman and opposed to society. [Read More]

Zimbabwe: Ethanol Key to Energy Independence

Ethanol can be blended with petrol or diesel, effectively allowing Zimbabwe to ''grow" some of its own fuel. [Read More]

Law Making or Patronage Politics? Lessons from Cardin-Lugar Provision

The McKinsey report indicates that by 2015, 13 percent of global oil production will take place in Africa [Read More]

Archbishop Palmer-Buckle’s “Funeral Oration”

Instead of spending hugely on the dead, Ghanaians must establish an endowment fund in memory of the deceased [Read More]

The End of the Third World

The world is staring at the end of the third world phenomena. [Read More]

What the Abuja Bomb Blasts Reveal

The bomb blasts have reinforced some troubling beliefs so many already have. [Read More]

Wrong Focus is Nigeria's Undoing

Nigeria not only pursues wrong sectors, but sees politics as the only tool to develop [Read More]

Critics Hitting Obama Below the Belt

Racist Republicans want to ensure that the Obama Presidency is a disaster [Read More]

Obasanjo: The Coup Maker Democratized

Obasanjo’s deliberative democratic exercise with the African military is a productive moment for Africa [Read More]

African Policies Must Focus on People

May the policy makers assembled in Malabo, push for a measurement culture in developing strategies and policies that will safeguard Africans from alcohol related harm. [Read More]

Africa Oil Bleeding Ethiopia

Africa Oil has sparked intensive war between Puntland government and the defenders of the Sanaag Natural Resources. [Read More]

Kenya's Judiciary on the Dock

Judicial reforms must be the cornerstone upon which a new Kenya will be built. [Read More]

Black Americans: Victims of Distorted Image?

The “mainstreaming” of negative images of Black people within the US has been an on-going phenomenon for the past 40 years. [Read More]

Africa Has a Bright Future

There is need to interrogate the imperial discourse designed to justify various types of recolonisation in Africa. [Read More]

Africa’s Century: Is the West Changing Tactic?

Re-emerging and old powers are signalling that Africa holds the key to stabilizing the world's economy. Are we ready? [Read More]

The West's Hand in African Affairs

The US has orchestrated incidents before to achieve geo-strategic objectives [Read More]

Why Kenya Police Need Remedial Attention

Ever wondered why it is just one guy who appears in media pictures dusting crime scenes in a city of over 3.6 million people? [Read More]

Al-Shabaab: Museveni Needs Allies

If this war is left to Museveni alone, Ugandans will pay dearly. [Read More]

Mandela: Eclipsing Other Luminaries?

The West chooses heroes for us [Read More]

Ghana: Is NDC Doomed?

Prayers, instead of sound economic planning, have become Atta Mills' answers to every challenge. [Read More]

After Vuvuzela- What Next?

After blowing our ears deaf with the Vuvuzela’s, we must take a moment to reignite Africa’s quest to become key players in the global economy. [Read More]

Africa and the Politics of Identity

The crisis of identity sits hand in hand with all the other crises that African people are faced with. [Read More]

Constitution: Kenya Should Not be Auctioned

We should be designing a system that allows our hidden potential to rise from amongst the people [Read More]

No Sacrifice- No African Unity!

Africa must make economic and political sacrifices to realise unity. [Read More]

Africa is Shaping its Own Destiny

We have the potential and latent energy to carve out our own destiny. [Read More]

Kadhis Courts: Media Misleading the Public

The High Court is a creation of that constitution and has no power to declare its provisions or another body created by the same law unconstitutional. [Read More]

" African Time" or Selective Punctuality?

Some Nigerians now provide two invitation cards, either formally or informally: one for Nigerians/Africans and the other for Americans. [Read More]

Africa: Why Poverty Lingers

Nations can achieve much when they take pride in what matters to them and shun outsiders that are ready to exploit them. [Read More]

Electricity Firm Milking Consumers Dry

KPLC should lower electricity prices [Read More]

English Expressions Deliberately Undermining Africa

The word "black" has been cleverly used to describe anything ugly, bad, evil, and sinister. [Read More]

Iceland Volcano and the Need for a Multi-polar World

The Iceland volcano ash is a clear pointer that humanity must take cognizance of nature in its plans. [Read More]

Guinea-Bissau’s Drug Saga a Replica of Africa

It is time the drug menace in Africa was tackled head on! [Read More]

Arabs Must Work with Africans

If we are invaded again, the invaders won't make the mistake of keeping us alive on this continent again. [Read More]

China-Africa Trade: Opportunity or Threat ?

Why should poor SA consumers be prevented from obtaining goods they prefer or can better afford because they happen to come from China? [Read More]

Gender Inequality and Development Paralysis in Ghana and Africa Part III

Unless the government and traditional authorities empower women, our dream of catching up with the advanced countries will remain just that – a dream and mirage. [Read More]

Gender Inequality and Development Paralysis in Ghana and Africa II

president Mills promised to apportion women 40% of the political appointments but has so far appointed less than 10%. [Read More]

White Migrant Workers in Kenya:X-pats or Illegal Migrants?

why are white economic migrants to Africa considered as a cosmopolitan transnational class while black economic migrants to Europe are described through their illegal status and equated to criminals by racist policies? [Read More]

Asantehene: Balancing Tradition and Modernity

Part of the solutions in dealing with the conundrum between tradition and modernity may be the Collin Powell practice of Thucydides’ self-restraint axiom. [Read More]

Rushed Birth Certificate Policy an Economic Burden

The policy oversight has resulted in the loss of many man hours. [Read More]

Corruption: Kenya Must Shun 'Painkiller' Approach

Africans must seek to replace government systems that have sustained them on economic inefficiency and road to serfdom. [Read More]

War on Corruption: Media Not Objective

Kenya's media is a big let-down [Read More]

Kenya: Corruption Needs Change of Attitude and Credible Crusaders

it is unrealistic to expect those in power today to get to the bottom of the endemic, debilitating effects of corruption. [Read More]

Gay Rights in Africa: What is the Donor Community Up To?

The donor community has clearly shown that it is not driven by Africa’s best interests. [Read More]

PV Obeng and Ghana's Development Discourse

PV and his commission could seek the knowledge of those who deal with everyday cultural and development matters. [Read More]

Somalis: A Threat to Kenya?

Somalis are literally buying the Maasais out of Kenya's Rift Valley region and turning Nairobi into a Somali city. [Read More]

Abdul Muttallab:Good News to Nigeria?

Western countries are now paying attention to incessant and unwanton deaths spurred by Nigeria’s northern elites for decades. [Read More]

Nigeria: Losing Global Relevance ?

How influential is Nigeria? What about its influence and contributions to the continent? There is a great history of those contributions. But that is history. Is Nigeria really playing a major role today? [Read More]

EAC: Facing the Challenges of the New Year, 2010

Our challenges during 2010 are clear cut: to achieve the broad objectives of a full fledged EAC Customs Union [Read More]

Going to Italy? Think Twice if you are Black!

During the altercation, the attackers shouted "dirty black," lawyers for both sides said. [Read More]

Chiluba’s ‘Acquittal’ is Theft within Theft

Zambia spent $ 13.000,000 on trying former president Fredrick Chiluba who is accused of embezzling $500,000. [Read More]

Conflict Minerals: A Cover For US Allies and Western Mining Interests?

Efforts emanating from the United States and Europe are no exception to this symptomatic approach which serves more to perpetuate the root causes of Congo’s challenges than to resolve them. [Read More]

Give Thanks for Energy

Thanksgiving is reported as the busiest travel season—whether by auto or air. But even before the travel takes place, energy is a big part of the picture. [Read More]

What is Wrong with Blacks?

There are more blacks holding college education than Jewish Americans. Why then does the Jew 'run' things? [Read More]

Poor Choices Have Crippled America's Economy

When our lawmakers make poor choices, we all pay for them--unless we make them pay the consequences. [Read More]

Gay Revolution is UnAfrican

Homosexuality seeks to destroy marriage as we know it, unity as we know it and family life as we know it. [Read More]

Music and Social Change

Music causes movements and movements in turn result in change. [Read More]

Dead Aid or Wrong Approach?

Aid has neither solved Africa's problems nor spurred expected development. Recipients have become chronic beggars. [Read More]

Legislators' Sacco: Uganda Must Excercise Prudence

Uganda has a new generation of voters who shall not be fed on deception and manipulation. [Read More]

Forgery: Is Tanzania Going the Sassou-Ngweso Way ?

Is Tanzania’s cabinet of fakers a replica of what’s going in upper echelons of power in Africa? Isn’t this a new type of corruption and conspiracy to steal from public coffers? [Read More]

Thoughts on the Practice of Pan-Africanism

While the decentralized nature of the non-governmental Pan-African movement has created greater opportunities for a plurality of voices to be heard, we suffer from a lack of charismatic figureheads. [Read More]

Judiciary Must Embrace Performance Contracting

The public must demand that the Judiciary staff in the bench are subjected to bench marks as defined in the Performance Contracts. [Read More]

Fighting Corruption: A Tall Order in Uganda

The President personally directed Bank of Uganda to bail out Mr. Bassajja balaba with 21 billion shillings in 2004. Has he paid back this money? [Read More]

Ringera Must not Go with KACC

The Executive’s new game plan is to provoke Parliament to the point that enraged MPs will blindly scrap KACC. Once KACC is scrapped, the corrupt will walk free. [Read More]

UN General Assembly: Lessons for Africa

Let Africa harness the opportunity availed by her markets and natural resources that are always on high demand at world markets to negotiate [Read More]

Ali al-Megrahi Reception: Shame to the AU!

If Western countries can release a terrorist that killed hundreds of their people, will they pay any damn when it comes to the rights and lives of the people in poor countries? [Read More]

September 11: Never Again!

Nations need not demean another and in so doing categorize the world into more insulting classes such as 'third' world. [Read More]

Is Justice Closing in for Muluzi?

Muluzi and Mkapa ought to accept a legal process as happened in Zambia where former ruler Fredrick Chiluba stood the test of time [Read More]

The Mau Saga Exposes Lawlessness in Kenya

Prosecuting the Kalenjins in the Mau while ignoring the Kikuyus in the Rift Valley is instigating a reaction that in future may make Kenya ungovernable. [Read More]

Celebrating African Americans

Why are African Americans being so grossly inaccurately portrayed within the United States media? [Read More]

Nuclear Weapons: Does Africa Have a Say?

Trillions of dollars which are wasted annually on nuclear weapons should be spent on tackling climate change and poverty, which are likely to lead to World War Three. [Read More]

Barack Obama and Africans’ Mindset

Africans have become kids in the global prosperity- ordered around, manipulated, castigated, and always told what to do. [Read More]

Niger Delta: No Amnesty, No Surrender!

We the people of the Niger Delta -- should be the ones offering the Nigerian government amnesty. [Read More]

Do South Africans Have an Identity as a Nation?

Historical consciousness is the most solid rampart of the cultural security of a people. Historical continuity is the effective cultural arm of a people against outside cultural aggression. [Read More]

Reversing Africa's Cultural Genocide

African culture is part of the remaining 15,000 cultures worldwide. Largely undocumented, this native traditional knowledge base remains the lifeline of the 2,000 Africa ethnic groups [Read More]

Who is Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) Serving?

Nigerians have nothing to show for their presence in US; collectively speaking, except of course, gathering in the name of nothing. [Read More]

Obama Redefined the Door of No Return

Obama's hard hitting statements on Africa's tyrannical leaders, corruption, tribalism and lack of institutions symbolically point at the continent's self inflicted modern day doors of no return. [Read More]

Conflict between the Regular & AP Police Forces: Myth or Reality?

Kenya is not the only country with law enforcement agencies that have overlapping mandates. The United States has well over 120 law enforcement agencies. [Read More]

Does Kenya's Fourth Estate Understand War?

What dispute does Kenya have against the group or the Somali populace who support the militia? What would be the justification of waging war against a loosely held group of outlaws seeking to overthrow the government of Somalia? [Read More]

Maize Saga: Who will Save Innocent Kenyans?

Just how deep is Kenya's Prime Minister, Hon.Raila Odinga, involved in the contaminated maize scandal? [Read More]

The African Child has been Largely Ignored

As we celebrate the Day of the African Child, we must look back to history and evaluate our leaders into Independence. Did they have the vision for Africa and for the African Child? [Read More]

Is Hellen Zille a Racist?

To get off hook, it’s become a norm for Africa’s thieves to take camouflage in race, colonialism and other hogwash. [Read More]

Will Secession Tear Uganda Apart?

All Ugandans, without exception, pay taxes and have a right to benefit from their taxes. [Read More]

Migingo Island Saga: Is Museveni a Scapegoat?

Our anger should not be directed at Museveni but to those at whose behest, he held the Migingo brief which with the wisdom of hindsight, he now realizes he should not have done. [Read More]

Sarkozy’s Take on African Fat Cats a Welcome Move

If the West could see the light and order that money stashed in their banks be returned to Africa, the economies of African countries that have been profusely bleeding to death (thanks to this conspiracy and indifference) would revive. [Read More]

Coalition Government: Are Youths Bracing for the Riot Act?

Kenyans' future will not be secured if the recourse is always to appoint older Kenyans to fix the mess of their peers. Kenya is not a gerontocracy [Read More]

Jacob Zuma: People's President But...!

The obsession with whether Africa National Congress garnered a two thirds majority or not by Western media is driven by the apprehension of what might befall the population that controls 90% of South Africa's economy should Jacob Zuma opt to make use of his "Mshini." [Read More]

West Africa: A Drug Smuggling and Terrorism Hub?

Illicit activities threaten to destabilize even the most steady nations in West Africa unless smuggling and terrorism can be sufficiently contained in the region. [Read More]

Time to Re-brand Nigeria

Rebranding Nigeria is something worthy but will any mileage be made? [Read More]

Religion: A Two Edged Sword?

I am not serving anything. I am all about the rule of law, professional ethics and personal morality. That’s enough for me. [Read More]

It's a Looting Spree for Africa's First Families

Museveni is paving way to appoint his soldier son (major Muhoozi) to take over Uganda's presidency [Read More]

Nigeria And The World of Informants And Espionage

Outside of Nigeria espionage is very important. Therefore, if Nigerians living in South Africa or in Southern Africa and elsewhere are “selling out their country and their countrymen,” they are simply continuing a practice that is commonplace in Nigeria. [Read More]

Is Kenya on Auto Pilot?

The government is failing Kenyans in their hour of most need. Not only did the government fail to maintain strategic food reserves but also went ahead to steal the little grain that would have helped to ease the pressure on the food prices. [Read More]

The New York Post and Racist Cartoons: Undermining Press Integrity?

It is lack of cultural competency which leads this organization to think that it is alright to portray an African American as a monkey. [Read More]

Trade in Human Body Parts: Part of Human Nature?

To be sure, there are some parts of Nigeria you don’t venture into without adequate security; there are alleys you just don’t walk into without necessary protection. You just don’t do it. If you vehicles break down in the wrong part of town or if you take the wrong turn, you just might fall into the [Read More]

Africans are Not Cultural Orphans

Part of the trouble with many Africans is that they are unlikely to be aware of the presence, the origins and the functions of their worldview. Hence it is relatively easier for many to remain securely imprisoned by the worldview handed down by force many centuries ago [Read More]

United Africa: Gaddafi Should not be Ignored!

What is it about the concept of a United Africa that provokes such paranoia, hatred and ridicule from the West? [Read More]

History as it Should be Known

In my years living in US, I often joke to my audiences that one of my best unknown accomplishments, is that I Discovered Dallas. They often ask how so or how come? [Read More]

Neocolonialists are Kenya's Bane

The future of the post independent generation is at stake. It has an obligation to carry on from where the older generation left things. It has to rid the country of the African colonialists. [Read More]

Are the Middle Class an Answer to Kenya's Woes?

The Least Common Factor among Kenyan politicians as mathematicians would say is; thievery. This is where they Bond. [Read More]

While Celebrating Obama, Africa Must Solve its Problems

Change is no longer a dirty word and those who say ‘No change’ had better be on notice. [Read More]

Taylor Jr.'s Conviction: Ringing Alarm Bells ?

What happened to Taylor Jr. should ring an alarm to children of our leaders who are involved in corrupt deals and crimes against humanity that justice will catch up with them. [Read More]

Africa Must Redefine its Identity

Until we develop a positive identity that is opposite from what the colonizers left behind, we shall continue to be dependent [Read More]

How Should Blacks Relate to the Gaza Crisis?

Instead of removing ourselves from the story of Palestinian oppression, or from the story of Sudanese oppression, we must feel the blows of colonialism by proxy. We must voice the same frustration when Palestine hurts as when Kingston hurts as when Oakland hurts. [Read More]

Gaza- What the UN Should Do

Create a buffer zone. Hamas will think twice about committing violence against international peacekeepers. On the other hand, Israel will stop raining big fat bombs and killing many innocent souls [Read More]

Nigerians Must be More Proactive

Are Nigerians ready to work hard to turn things around for themselves? This is a billion naira question that only the dead or the divine, can answer. But since the dead cannot speak and the divine hardly exist among marauders, may be it's a question that will never get a satisfactory answer. [Read More]

The Problem with Single African Women

Most African women can’t even tell what they want. They can’t decide whether they are Africans or are “non-Africans” living in the West. [Read More] Klerk: Africa's Unsung Hero?

Installing de Klerk as State President of South Africa, and pairing him up with America's "Black Messiah" will topple every African despot from the Cape to Cairo, free the continent's people from poverty and lead Africa to victory over itself. [Read More]

Congo Crisis: Rebel Nkunda has Reason to Fight

Imagine having participated vigorously in the campaign to rid the then Zaire of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko but being ‘sidelined’ at the ‘eating table’! [Read More]

Rwanda: No Conspiracy, No Genocide Planning ... No Genocide?

ALL of the top Rwandan military officers, including the supposedly infamous Colonel Bagosora, were found not guilty of conspiracy or planning to commit genocide. [Read More]

Bob Mugabe; You’re Dead Right

Name one African ruler that has guts and bravery to take on Mugabe. We, in Africa have, but charlatans and hypocrites that are in power to steal from the paupers. [Read More]

The Anecdotal African in Dilemma

Is the election of Barack Obama an indication that the West is ready to accommodate genuine African voices? Is it simply a perpetuation of the old order of accepting only those that mirror the West? [Read More]

President George Bush’s Legacy: A Hollow Shoe?

several online games have been built around the incidence where players assume the role of President Bush and earn points based on how they dodge the shoes flying rapidly towards their direction [Read More]

Dance Mania Grips Kenya

It is dance galore at every political podium all weekend long and every function from the mundane to the serious, including AIDS awareness [Read More]

The Poor: Can Kenyan Leaders Emulate Obama?

Kenya, is very ripe for a socio-political revolution. Time will tell when and how it will come. [Read More]

US Cooperation: The Best Festive Season Gift

How can a country we all look up to as the beacon of hope and decency, be involved in some of the most outrageous conducts all in the name of promoting democracy and capitalism? [Read More]

US Congo Relations Unmasked

Given US claims of promoting democracy and human rights, its insistence on promoting Mobutu whose regime violated every tenet of democracy and human rights is a contradiction of its declared ideals. [Read More]

Terror in India: What should East Africa Do?

When one looks at how weak, corrupt and careless East African rulers currently are, one casts a blip of doubt. Shall the terrorists aim at us once again; we are likely to suffer a lot more. [Read More]

A Craze of Naming New Babies OBAMA

Even Indians that have lived in Africa do not give African names. Well, why then do Africans give European or American names to their kids? [Read More]

The Shocking Truth Behind Somali Pirates

Some rogue CEOs and fraudsters of global financial institutions that went bankrupt in the last decade have teamed up with the pirates to target loaded cargo vessels [Read More]

Is Justice Closing for Kagame?

The recent arrest of Kagame’s aide, Major Rose Kabuye by Germany authorities is a breakthrough-cum-reminder that Kagame’s days are numbered. [Read More]

Taxation: MPs, Judges Have Got It All Wrong

MPs and Judges are sending a message that they cannot be trusted vanguards of our political sovereignty, economic freedom, equality and justice. [Read More]

The Congo Genocide Must Stop

It is therefore ethically, politically and morally wrong for the international community to keep silent while Rwandan-backed militias continue to slaughter innocent civilians — the way it remained silent when genocide unfolded in Bosnia, Rwanda and, now, in Sudan. [Read More]

Chagosians’ plight: UK and US Must be brought to Account

How could such a despicable act be committed by countries that boast to be the citadels of civilization and human rights? Isn't this double standards, terrorism and hypocrisy? [Read More]

Zimbabwe: My Vision of a True ‘Civolution’

Morgan Tsvangirayi, Robert Mugabe and Arthur Mutambara claim to represent our interests yet they are in pursuit of self-aggrandisement. [Read More]

Obama - A Journey Rooted in Family and God

Obama will succeed as we lend him support, pray for God's guidance and hold together our situation knowing we are just as good. [Read More]

Nigeria's Yar'Adua a Mockery of Democracy

Nigerians are a passionate people, and that passion should be tapped into, not repressed. [Read More]

Congo Conflict: From Dried Hands to Blood

London, New York and Paris lecture on human rights and the sanctity of property rights whilst their thirst for strategic minerals unleashes terror on innocent women and children in Eastern Congo. [Read More]

DRC Crisis: The Britain-Rwanda Link

Rwanda has a vested interest in the chronic instability of its giant neighbour. But who pulls Rwanda’s strings? When we realize that Tony Blair is Rwanda's adviser, the pieces begin to fall into place. [Read More]

Tanzanians Finally Say Enough is Enough

Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete's motorcade found itself on a firing line from a hail of stones by irate village marksmen. Fortunately, Kikwete was not injured. [Read More]

The Dark Side of Ghana's Politics

In Ghana, as sparks from the ongoing electioneering campaigns indicate, things are different, and events can be darker. [Read More]

Murder in US: Who Will Speak for Nigerians?

Nigerian run organizations such NIDO, WIC, ICAN, that should seek answers to what is going on to see whether such incidents can be ameliorated, these mostly effete organizations set up basically to woo and ambush naive politicians at home, appear indifferent. [Read More]

Anchoring the Post Election Regime

The Waki Report is not a legal binding document. Its contents should not be seen to carry a legal face. [Read More]

The Waki Report: Going Beyond the Scarecrow!

Kenyans ought to go beyond the 'scarecrow' and analyze the weakness of the South African strategy of Truth and Reconciliation. It is one thing for the top to reconcile, and leave the bottom seething and assume all is well. [Read More]

The End of Capitalism? Dream On!

Over the last 25 years, most countries have moved in the direction of freer market economies because their wealth-generating capabilities relative to alternatives are unsurpassed. [Read More]

Nigeria's Diaspora Under Siege

Concerned citizens (and friends of Nigeria) contend that nothing short of social revolution and participation in successive governments would save Nigeria. [Read More]

Africa: Images and Perceptions of a Continent

The world knows very little about the African continent and her people; and the little they know is clouded by prejudice, ignorance, and racism. [Read More]

Mbeki’s Exit: a New Dawn for Africa?

Will this be like Gorbachev’s kaput perestroika for ANC, that will usher in division in the party so as to weaken country’s solidarity? Much remains to be seen. [Read More]

Is Ghana’s NDC in Existential Crisis?

Given the choice between the NPP and the NDC, voters might choose the NPP [Read More]

September 11: Who is Fooling Who?

Who made the 9/11 attacks? Why? Why did it have to be on September 11? Is it a mere coincidence that the twin towers of the WTC formed number 11 while they were still standing? Is it a mere coincidence that the first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11? [Read More]

Africans: Please, Talk!

Unless Africans proactively engage in documentation and writing on issues that affect them, the continent will continue to engage the global community from a point of inferiority. [Read More]

Herero Massacre: Africans Must be Compensated

Should the bones and skulls of the victims of German colonialist aggression still remain in German possession? [Read More]

Journalists Missing the Bigger Picture

Journalists with potential conflict of interest in a topic on the other hand should avoid writing about that topic and shouldn’t be assigned to do so by their respective editors or bosses. [Read More]

Why Obama Is America's Best Bet

Americans must vote for a thinker who can build bridges as he reconciles with his foes and here, Obama comes in. [Read More]

Ghanaian Elites: A Sleeping Lot?

Ghana's sleeping elites have derailed the nation's progress [Read More]

Nigerians: A People and their Migration Pattern

Immigration is not new. It is necessary. It is part of the human evolution and human experience.The problem with the Nigerian immigration is the pattern, scope and pull-push factors. [Read More]

The Evil of Bibiani Hunchback Ritual

Nana Akufo-Addo and his like-minded modernization folks have a lot of work before them in helping to refine the dark aspects of the Ghanaian culture for progress. [Read More]

Judges Should Sign Performance Contracts

International best practice demands that governments and global agencies implement performance contracting to enhance performance and entrench good governance and accountability. [Read More]

Why African Men in Diaspora Go Home to Marry

There is no readily available data from the US State Department as to the number of Africans who join their spouse, fiancé or fiancée in the United States every year. From private conversation and observation, about three thousand Africans make such a journey on a yearly basis. [Read More]

Will Zanzibar Hamper East Africa Union?

If Tanzania can not competently take in shock waves from a tiny country like Zanzibar, will it be able to outfox those coming from big brothers like Kenya and Uganda? [Read More]

Kenya: Losing Out on Law and Order

When we circumvent the voice of the people with impunity and marshal state organs to circumvent the voice of the people, we court trouble. We set in place the culture of impunity where all and sundry will do as they please [Read More]

ICC: Will Imposed Justice Solve Africa’s Problems?

The way in which many proponents of the ICC seek to argue that the practice of international justice by the ICC is totally separate from the reality of international relations and global power inequalities is paradoxical. [Read More]

Obama is Unstoppable!

There is something in a name, and for native Africans that tend to give their children names so that they look and sound more like Americans should take note. America looks for something different [Read More]

Lambeth Conference: Is Africa Using Gays to Get Funding?

The church in Africa will never grow in depth as long as she continues to survive on handouts from the West. This dependency is so entrenched and the earlier it is corrected the better. [Read More]

Can the Rural Bred Become Top Achievers?

History predicts a brighter future for Africa if its youths focus on a more positive attitude. They ought to be visionary and back their desire with strategy. [Read More]

When Will Africa be Confident?

In Lagos and Abuja and in all spots in between, you should see how Nigerian bureaucrats relate to the Lebanese, the Germans, the Indians and the Chinese. They act like boy-boy, like Omo’odo They bow and obey and never complain. They pledge their loyalty. [Read More]

Profile of Obama's Father

Come January 2009 when Junior Obama raises his hand to take the Oath of Office, the world will see a new America and one renewed with vigor and vitality to map new strides for the upliftment of everyone. [Read More]

Colonialism and Imperialism: Outdated Scapegoats?

No longer are the cries of imperialism and neo-colonialism enough to rally a continent. The causes of Africa’s problems cannot so neatly be laid at the door or the “white man” [Read More]

ICC: Is Africa a Cold War Battleground?

The Darfur conflict started 18 years after the one in northern Uganda which killed over 300,000 civilians and drove 2 million into concentration camps. Yet, the ICC never investigated the role of the Ugandan troops in these attrocities [Read More]

Is the Ugandan Government Transforming Tenants to Squatters ?

The Minister and the Inspector General of Government have also turned this matter into a battlefield to sort out their personal vendetta, an issue, which is totally irrelevant to the victims in this situation. Dirty Politics and development do not mix, if true growth should be realized. [Read More]

Grand Regency Saga:Kimunya Must Go!

Kimunya did not eat the grand loot from De la Rue, Mobitelea, Safaricom IPO and Grand Regency with the over 4 million Kenyans from his tribe or region. How can he use the public money he looted to pay up adverts on television to fan up ethnic disquiet? [Read More]

Parking in New Delhi: Lessons for Africa

We have as Africans, not reached a level where we can appreciate institutions such as parliament, the judiciary and the executive because they were ‘thrown at us’ by departing colonialists. [Read More]

What Does the World Owe Africa?

What does the world owe Africa? Simple: help Africans put a stop to the bastardization of their land before it is too late. Let unconscionable African leaders and the elites roast in the inhumane conditions they have created. [Read More]

Desmond Tutu and John Semtamu: A Disaster for Africa

If the invasion of African countries that rig elections was to be taken to its logical conclusion, we would see the re-occupation of the entire continent of Africa and return of Apartheid. [Read More]

Ward-Brew and Ghana’s Retardation

In Ghana, instead of going forward in development, we appear to be going backwards due to the absence of much needed reforms in economic, political, cultural, sociological and psychological spheres [Read More]

Hon. Raila Odinga Has Not Abandoned the People

Raila has the ability to excite the masses, turn simple functions into memorable events and elicit a near-cult following. It is this skill that gives him the leverage to tread where angels fear to tread and take serious political risks. [Read More]

Matatu Chaos in Nairobi: Police Are To Blame for Laxity

Public transport in the country is still bedeviled with incessant turmoil. The problem lies in enforcement rather than propriety of the law. [Read More]

Black Americans:Under Designed Mind Assault?

The historic and demonstrative evidence overwhelmingly reflects the reality that the U.S. government does manifest a proclivity for reinventing devious methods to suppress its Black population. [Read More]

After Mbeki’s Xenophobia, will Kikwete be Next?

As Tanzania gets credit for solving other peoples’ problems, it is still one of the poorest countries on earth! [Read More]

Taylor’s Trial: Is Blah’s Confession Betrayal Or Greed for Money?

While betrayal could be an appropriate word for the Blah testimony, it must be gauged against the backdrop of these developments as well as to gain much needed bastard cash [Read More]

Tanzania: Is Mkapa Ready for a Public Probe?

If Mkapa knows and believes those pointing fingers on him are geared by hatred, he must seek remedy before the court. [Read More]

Tanzania: Who Killed Daudi Ballali?

Controversial as he was, Ballali liked fame. He was willingly manipulated by traitors to do their dirty laundry. [Read More]

South Africa: Are South Africans Victims of Memory Lapse?

If South African natives have declared war against other African nationalities – who will accommodate native South Africans when their country will be on fire? [Read More]

South Africa Violence: Why is Brother Fighting Brother?

The late African-Martinician revolutionary Franz Fanon warned that a people, denied outlets for their anger will turn this rage inward, teetering on a pre-revolutionary precipice. [Read More]

Perspectives on Zimbabwe Erroneous

Afro-pessimism is a serious indictment of our very being as African people. [Read More]

Bakili Muluzi: A Disgrace to Malawi

The only agenda he has for Malawi is to serve his vendetta against Mutharika’s refusal to act as his stooge [Read More]

Is America Double Faced?

Damning revelations that Liberian tyrant, Charles Taylor stashed over $ 5,000,000,000 in two US Banks are yet another slap on the face of America. [Read More]

Intellectual Poverty Worse than Physical Poverty

Africa needs to cultivate creative and intellectual abilities that will allow it to increase the value of its raw materials and to break the continent’s vicious cycle of poverty. Poverty is not an absence of money; rather, it results from an absence of knowledge. [Read More]

Zimbabwe Crisis: Real or Feigned?

How does a country with the same factors and leaders from 1980 to 2000 suddenly (because the White commercial farmers have been uprooted) see inflation soar to world record levels in a space of just six years starting in 2000? And how is it that a stable Zimbabwe has an inflation rate 1,5 [Read More]

Blending Traditional Institutions into Government

Part of the complications of Ghana’s development is that its elites who are expected to know better appear wanting. [Read More]

Oil Boom: Ghanaians Set to Avoid 'Dutch Disease'

Oil boom in a democracy brings better development than oil boom in autocracy. As the Indian Nobel Prize winning laureate Amartya Sen argues in Development in Freedom, development necessitates the unblocking of foremost sources of unfreedom [Read More]

Dumping:Africa Must Take Tough Stance

This is not the first time developed countries are using Africa as dumping grounds. [Read More]

Mandela: A Terrorist?

America needs to be told to its face that Mandela is the symbol of Africa’s struggle against injustices and inhumanity altogether. [Read More]

Evil: Intellectually Unmanagable

Ghanaian schools have become supporters of irrational deeds – a reflection of a nation trapped between forces irrationality and forces rationality. [Read More]

Graves Are Not yet Full

Africa’s wars are steering the continent toward a sea of self-destruction so deep that even the greatest horror writers are unable to fathom its depths. [Read More]

Gaddaffi: A Danger to Africa’s Security and Democracy

Gadaffi, the self proclaimed father and founder of Africa’s second renaissance has nothing new and constructive to offer to Africa [Read More]

South Africa Airways: The Case of Subsidizing Inefficiency?

As long as firms are not protected by government-granted monopolies or taxpayer-guaranteed finance, in order to survive, they are compelled to profitably provide an efficient service to customers when in competition with all other existing and potential suppliers. [Read More]

Anti Corruption Bill: Will Uganda Walk the Talk?

A constitution and constitutionalism are related but the former is useless if it doesn’t lead to the latter. At best it remains a paper document merely for window dressing purposes. [Read More]

Why Canada Has No Gates and Walls

In Canada, we fear weather. We fear blizzards, cold, tornadoes, snow and other related natural agents but not human beings. [Read More]

Kenyans Hailed for Solving Stalemate

Under euphoria many crucial points may be ignored. But again, politics like business is a tricky game that needs much more care than jubilation. [Read More]

German Small Arms: The Nigeria-Connection

Even the Nigerian press reports only highlight the tip of the iceberg with re-gard to the disastrous role of German small arms. [Read More]

Kenya Crisis: Deal at Last?

For businesspeople, the most one can do is reap while the situation is favorable. You never know when the craving will strike. After all, a politician is always a politician. [Read More]

Tribe and Tribalism: The Identity Battle Rages

Just as we feel proud of our respective identities, others also deserve their identities to be recognised and respected. That identity can be a political factor of serious magnitude. [Read More]

Black History Month is Here to Stay

Africans, despite the portrayals by Hollywood as gentle subservient sub-humans, did not suffer slavery lightly; slave revolts were numerous and brutal wherever Africans were brought. [Read More]

Kenya Crisis:The Buck Stops With Kibaki

It all started with mishandled presidential elections.To begin the process of rebuilding our lives and united communities,'real power-sharing' is a good place to start. The buck stops with Kibaki,he must rise to the occassion. [Read More]

Kenya Grapples With Leadership Dilemma

'Leadership without management yields steps forward, but as many if not more steps backwards. [Read More]

Sovereignty or Responsibility? : Kenya at Crossroads

Sovereignty can go, it did not create people; people made it. The State is a creature of human want; people can set it aside. Think of how many Africans live abroad as refugees simply because of failed states that keep on boasting of sovereignty!? [Read More]

Mugabe: The End of an Era?

With the advent of Dr Makoni, Mugabe may be nibbling at his last public cake before receding into the hall of the infamous rogue democracies [Read More]

Ethnicity: Releasing Africa’s “Suppressed Rage”

The idea isn’t only to avoid “ethnic rage” disguised under false peace but also acknowledging like Pogo, the Walt Disney cartoon character that "We have met the enemy and he is us." [Read More]

Africa's Agenda: Who is Calling the Tune?

Africa ought to stop, pause, consider where it lost track and create its own sellable brand. As long as we allow other people to pay the piper, they will continue calling the tune in Africa [Read More]

'Stupidity Index': What Blacks Should Do

James Watson is right; the black man judged from a white man’s lenses that seem keen to perpetuate mental slavery, exploitation in the guise of international welfare is indeed stupid and falls short of a human person [Read More]

The Elusive African Agenda

The world has a right to intervene, especially when African nationalists kidnap the values of freedom and make them their own. Weakening the military institutions of dictators can effect the guaranteeing of the safety of the vulnerable citizens. [Read More]

How Natural Resources Influence Economic Growth.

Insofar as natural resource abundance involves public allocation of access to scarce common-property resources to private parties without payment, thereby essentially leaving the resource rent up for grabs, it is only to be expected that resource-rich countries may be more susceptible to corruption [Read More]

CARE International Rejects Food Aid

The sentiments by CARE international are a wake up call that aid industry need to be reformed. From the ongoing debate between CARE and other aid agencies it is clear that poverty in Africa is engineered [Read More]

MDGs in Africa: Still a Mirage?

Experience has shown that natural disasters trigger considerably more interest and financial support than conflict related crises. If governments cannot protect their own people then who else should? [Read More]

Ghanaian Judiciary Breaks Free from Patriarchy

Until recently, there had been few attempts to free Ghanaian women from patriarchy despite the fact that they are the bedrock of the country’s progress. [Read More]

Lack of Confidence: Barrier to Africa’s Development

For over 50 years, Africa’s development process has been minted either by international donors or foreign governments, without any input from local African experiences and values. The result is partly responsible for the long-running distortions in Africa’s progress. [Read More]

Marshall Plan: Lessons for Africa

Africa has a lot she can borrow from the Marshall Plan. It took visionaries to commence the plan-and not just visionaries, but people with an unconstrained vision, who saw opportunities amidst destruction and despair. [Read More]

Property Rights: Key to Africa’s Prosperity

The quality of property rights and the economic freedom to use them differs greatly from one society to the other, as do the levels of productivity and living standards. [Read More]

Juju Clouds African Way of Thinking

Developmental problems are not solved by dabbling in juju. Leaders, both military and civilians, who dabble heavily in juju either paralyze their country, blow it into pieces or are blinded from reasoning properly to solve problems. [Read More]

Property Rights: Key to Africa’s Prosperity

Ownership is not merely the possession of a valuable asset. Rather, it constitutes an open-ended bundle of rights, for example the right to till the land, to rent it out to others, to grant a right of way or to let someone explore for minerals on one's land, and so on. [Read More]

Rich Countries Leverage on Africa

African elites ought to figure out how they can take advantage of the new scramble for Africa to reap profit. [Read More]

Virginia Tech Massacre: Surfacing the Nobodies and Somebodies

All people may have been born equal but soon after their birth, their lives are weighed and valued very differently. Such is the way our world works [Read More]

Ghana Wary of World Bank's Designs

Africa is the only continent with foreign dominated development paradigms. This partly explains the distortions in Africa. [Read More]

Easter’s Bitter Cup

Begging will never produce sustainable development. It is demeaning and enslaving. We only need to look at Africa, a continent that remains shackled in poverty and foreign control after 50 years of aid. [Read More]

Africa: A Global Darling?

"Indigenous lifestyles" just mean indigenous poverty, indigenous malnutrition, indigenous disease, and childhood death. And that's really what it comes down to: When you don't have modern technologies, your lifespan is cut almost in half. [Read More]

Canada’s Aid to Africa Fails for 40 Years

A new Canadian Senate report says that for the past 40 years, Ottawa’s foreign aid to Africa has not been effective in alleviating poverty. [Read More]

Why Weep for Kikoi?

Weep not for 'kikoi' if you still hold the attitude that you have nothing to offer to yourself and the World! [Read More]

Towards a Bon Appetit Economy

Only a culture of plenty can afford the luxury to wish each other 'big appetite' or 'enjoy your meal.' [Read More]

Africa: The Winds of Change Must Blow

It is important to demonstrate to Africans that they can succeed. Today, numerous African governments are being limited, new democracies being born and economic reform being implemented. [Read More]

Heads of State or Chief Bandits?

The rule of law does not exist in many African Countries. Leaders themselves are the first culprits. [Read More]

Individual Effort: Key to Progress

People are smart enough to make rational economic decisions without government planning or intervention. Poor people need no government sympathy but demand that the government gets out of their way by allowing market institutions to flourish. [Read More]

Free Markets Give Options to the Poor

Market is enhanced by competition. The uncomfortable business is driven by rivalries with others on the same side of market place. To position themselves property for deals with buyers, producers incur high costs of research and development to improve products, advertise and to offer better or cheap [Read More]

The Absence of Visionary Leadership in Africa

What vision does your local member of parliament, or your favorite political party espouse? What would be the most appropriate vision for leadership in this country? [Read More]

Pan- Africanism Triumphs in Africa’s Horn

We have moved from non-interference to non-indifference. A new sense of shame has arrived where bad conduct by leaders and states are frowned at. [Read More]

Mzungu Cash Cow: The Economics of Skin Colour

Africans must stop taking revenge for the black and white imbalance in the world upon seeing fair skin and exploiting this situation money-wise. [Read More]

World Social Forum: An Anarchists’ Bazaar?

To the untutored in WSF dynamics, it may look like an anarchists’ bazaar. But there is a method to the madness. These are people committed to changing the world they live in and are prepared to sacrifice for it. They may sound like lunatics and champions of lost causes [Read More]

Polling, Leadership or Stewardship?

Double ‘O’ seven is for sure a ‘James Bond’ season for Kenyan politicians. It will be a thriller with each political group seeking to outmaneuver the other. May double ‘O’ seven give us the best opportunity to choose our leaders and stewardship options wisely. [Read More]

Master and Disciple Censure Education

Education for what?’ Is a fundamental question. We have to define what kind of society we need. So many people have gone to school, but are they educated? Are we just inclined in reporting increasing statistics? [Read More]

African Leaders Importing 'Bushism'

Most leaders do not know how to negotiate with their AK47s corked. They are used to conquering. When they profess democratic reforms, they are tactical rather than strategic. [Read More]

From Ethical Individualism to Practical Egalitarianism

In a prisoner dilemma scenario, individuals who act rationally to advance their own self-interest will together sacrifice individual autonomy for the greater good of both. [Read More]

Politics Vs the Market: Which Way to Go?

If you discovered a better, solution to Africa’s poverty, would you take your plan to a private firm where you would get an OK and a check in three days or to the government where your plan could be bottled up in a committee for three years-and would not be implemented by you? [Read More]

Mixed Fortunes of Globalization in Africa

Africa is perforated with the out come of globalization. To convince Africans about the benefits of globalization, we must take a more enlightened view of liberalizing trade, services and labor intensive manufacturing in which African countries are competitive. [Read More]

African Marriages as Business Ventures

Women also complain that men have either not evolved or that they evolve at a very slow pace. Somehow, the men don’t see it that way. [Read More]

Africa Should Promote its Brand

There is potential in our traditional systems that have stood the test time. Africans should realize the capability in their culture and promote it in the midst of rampaging globalization. In addition, there is need for an environment that will ensure economic growth. [Read More]

When Tying the Knot Turns Business

Economic considerations trump all “emotional” arguments. That love is overrated, inconveniencing, and gradually becoming a nuisance is not lost on most African suitors. [Read More]

The Immorality of “Ladies First” Mentality

Affirmative action stigmatizes women because it gives the sanction of law to myths about women which have been so damaging to them. It denies that women are capable of competing on an equal basis and therefore, they must have an artificial advantage to make up for what they lack. [Read More]

Global Warming Lessons from Kenyatta Day

Human and natural vulnerability to climate change would be reduced by strengthening economic growth. Economically empowered people will have the luxury of worrying over global warming. [Read More]

African Migration: Should We Stem the Tide?

If wealthy nations want to avoid the African migration onslaught, they should rethink their short term goals that have made it difficult for business to grow in Africa through tariff escalation on value added products. Are the Western countries ready for this? [Read More]

Money Overrides PhDs in Nigerian Campuses

Danger and deceit abound as marriages have become business ventures. Poverty, unmet needs and desperation are behind the vast majority of those who say “I do.” [Read More]

Media Persecution: What is the State Shielding the Public From?

The government is the law. It can and will use force where and when it wants and has no interest in the consequences for democracy or anything else. There is no-where for the media to run for justice or protection. [Read More]

Don’t Talk about My Nigeria!

My fellow Nigerians, stop speaking from a point of ignorance. Purpose to change the status quo. You don’t need military might. Just build ties with your people. Stop writing and criticizing the government. Even though it is not living up to its responsibilities, it is better than you are because it [Read More]

Hats Off for Fidel Castro

What makes Castro and Cuba so thick that despite being less than 100 kilometers off the Miami coast, it has withstood US aggression, sabotage, conspiracies, interventions, destabilization, diplomatic and political hostility and economic blockade for almost five decades? [Read More]

WTO: A Case of Tit for Tat?

While integrating into the liberalization process of the global farm produce trade, Chinese agriculture is being exposed to immense risks and challenges by removing trade barriers and opening up the domestic market. [Read More]

MDGs: Africa Has No Excuse

While openness, accountability and coordination at the local and national level are both desirable and necessary to achieve the MDGs, there are still structural problems about the way in which our world is currently organized around the hegemony of a triumphalist neo liberal ideology that will severely limit the capacity of many African states to achieve the MDGs. [Read More]

The Art of Agreement

It goes to the heart of the biggest challenge facing Africa today as we struggle to create a society in which the majority of our peoples are not victims but agents of change and a leadership that is organically linked to serve them and not just rule. [Read More]

Deregulate Fuel Pricing!

That pert of disposable income that is displaced by the price of petrol does not go to other areas where it would translate into more jobs [Read More]

Banjul Unmasks Pan Africanist Debility

We should embark on a consistent advocacy of naming and shamming those governments and states that put impediments to free movement of Africans but welcome non African foreigners. A gallery of these Pan Africanist rogue states may be launched from summit to summit while we also create awards for those opening up other Africans. So leaders can choose to be Villains or Defenders of Unity of our peoples. [Read More]

CDF in Tainted Hands

The motive of governments to ensure a specific proportion of the annual Government ordinary revenue is effectively devoted to the constituencies for the purpose of development is falling far below targets. In order to reverse the trend, the program should stop being remote controlled by MPs but be made people centered. [Read More]

Presidency Seat: “Hot” or “Warm”?

Presidency is not a “hot seat” as most leaders claim, to discourage aspirants. For a variety of reasons, African despots, especially the patriarchal, charismatic, and military populist types, are loath to relinquish control or power. They would rather destroy their economies and countries than give up power. [Read More]

Unfettered Press: Media not of Age

Those of you who demand unfettered freedom of the press, free access to information held by all and sundry and the non interference in the running and management of the country’s media sector by anybody including government should ask themselves whether running a media house imposes any conditions at all on the businessman. Should special obligations be imposed on those who use the airwaves to make money for themselves and their families? [Read More]

Constituency Development Fund: A Critique

The establishment of the CDF program is an expression of continued faith in decentralization and frustration with the poor – indeed fatal – performance of all previous models of decentralization. How well is the legal and organizational framework of the CDF program suited for the realization of development goals in Kenya in the light of theoretical precepts of decentralization? [Read More]

The Cigarette War: What’s Your Stand?

The tobacco ban, however well intentioned, will have negative effects on Kenya's economy. Lack of initial consultations between the Government and industry stakeholders on the time set for the bill enactment will adversely affect businesses. [Read More]

Holding the Yam and the Knife

I agree completely with the idea of transferring resources to the rural countryside without bureaucratic fuss. But I object to the manner, I object to the design in which it is done. [Read More]

To Drink or Not To Drink is Not the Question

To drink or not to drink is not the question. The question is whether the government can create tax incentives for brewers to ensure that the already consuming population is not harmed by either illicit or excessive consumption of alcohol. [Read More]

Entropy Engulfs Ghanaian Cities

Ghanaians have to take care of their sanitation before they can talk much about tourism. The beaches are a disgrace with terrible smell from human faeces, urine and garbage. [Read More]

Managing Leaders

What was done was done. It behooves us as Africans to map our own future, and stop looking to the outside world for help when we can help ourselves. If we are unable to, well then, let's stop pretending. We are nation-states capable of independently running our affairs….this dependency must stop! [Read More]

The Poor Can’t Absorb Information!

As much as journalists may write stories that can empower the village folk, readership, purchasing power and newspaper circulation networks within areas they inhabit is low. So, how will this information benefit them if they do not have a chance to read it in the first place? [Read More]

When Progress and Culture Boogie

Until Ghanaians, especially her elites, become Nii Moi Thompson, and rationalize their cultural values, they will go on raining juju and evil spirits upon the Ghanaian mind in Ghana’s larger development game. [Read More]

Bush Continues to Blare

Blair has never had a united country, party, parliament or government behind his militarism. He has been crashing down the hill of public trust since then. Bush initially manufactured a national coalition behind him but knowing what they now know, millions of Americans have discovered that their President used 9/11 to falsely lure them into an endless unjust war. [Read More]

Downward Trodden But Upward Bound

There is no denying the fact that women have made tremendous advances globally and in Africa in the past few years. There are many visible pointers in the growing numbers of women in top political positions including Ministers, Members of Parliament, and in the judiciary. [Read More]

Picasso Got it Right!

The idea of mixing Africa's cultural values with that of her colonial values is increasingly gaining continental and global attention. Internationally, the idea of being culturally sensitive by respecting and appropriating local African values and experiences in formulating policies in Africa's development process is being touted. [Read More]

End of Innocence

The children of pre-independence generation are under threat from not only some elders of their society but also certain aspects of their culture. Criminologist and human rights experts predict more child trafficking, enslavement, defilement, and other child abuses in the next few years as poverty and other social distress increases. [Read More]

In Defense of Bribery

Bribes are only a symptom, not a cause. Whatever the objections are against bribing, they don’t apply when the state leaves no other feasible option. [Read More]

When States Turn Criminal

The whole governance system is grinding to a halt so that even the good things that Obasanjo's regime is doing are lost in the controversies. He is losing control of the state machinery and is on his way to become a President with no respect for law and order, the constitution, elected institutions in a precipitate slide towards becoming not just an incompetent government but a failed state. [Read More]

African Union: Another Club of Executives?

If the African Heads of State ever hope to gain a seat for their region on the UN Security Council, they must care significantly less about solidarity than about stopping violence and condemning actions by serial human rights abuses. [Read More]

Sirleaf to Pick a Leaf from other Heads

As we enjoy these positive feelings we should also sober up to the enormous challenges that Mrs Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is going to face. How many of those Heads of state, prominent politicians, assorted state officials from across the world who were there to shine in the glow of celebrations will still be there for her in a few months time? [Read More]

King and Malcolm: Dream or Nightmare?

If blacks or any other people define their freedom struggle in terms of the superiority of their culture over others, they will experience a similar fate as whites. A healthy respect for one’s culture does not mean disdain for others. [Read More]

Let’s Focus on Africa and Africans

It is clear that the British and other Western NGOs make adjustments to their own political environment and find relevance in whoever is in power but because our own NGOs are Donor-driven, lacking a social base in our own societies they have proven themselves incapable of doing the same. [Read More]

Study Leave: Compulsory for African Leaders

A good leader does not neglect the self. A solid self-awareness and steady confidence is certainly helpful. Tenacity, pluck, and curiosity are beneficial attributes that will convince others to follow a leader. The intelligence to accept feedback and learn from it and the flexibility to alter ineffective habits will ensure one’s success as a leader. [Read More]

W.T.O: Africa Must Take a Leave of Absence

To address the consumption problem in Africa, it will be strategic for the continent to get out of the World Trade body and take time to re-examine its policies. Western and Northern African states are headed to Hong Kong with one key demand in mind: to negotiate the rich nations out of subsidizing their cotton sector.For African governments to set their global trade agenda effectively, they ought to abolish all trade barriers within Africa, get Africans producing without hindrance and then go to the negotiating table. [Read More]

Trade Union Democracy: Key to Worker’s Liberation

It is unfortunate that the cause of workers is no longer the concern of any pack. The informed and those who have demonstrated a degree of independence have been sidelined and even denied affiliation at COTU. [Read More]

Fighting Terrorism: No Easy Task

Globalization is making geography more of a challenge than ever for counter terrorism efforts but it is also providing more opportunity for improved cross border and transcontinental cooperation. [Read More]

Why Isn’t COMESA Creating More Wealth for Africa?

COMESA is not failing; progress has been made and nothing can be expected to happen overnight. Thus, to turn away from COMESA would be a mistake. Rather, the problems facing integration need to be recognized discussed and solved. [Read More]

Demons, Values and Development

The relevance of Primate Adofo's statement, which cut across religious lines, in Ghana's progress, is that many Ghanaians, because of the highly superstitious nature of their culture, blame unseen forces such as witchcraft, demons, evil spirits or juju-marabou forces for their misfortunes and other problems inhibiting their progress. [Read More]

Africa's Image Abroad

The Western media and citizens are becoming increasingly multiculturalized and understanding Africa better and the young academic discipline of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) are increasingly questioning why there are almost permanent negative news about everything in Africa. [Read More]

Kenya’s Transportation: Always a Different Experience

One of the most noticeable living differences between the United States and Kenya is apparent in the transportation industry. [Read More]

Are Kenyan Universities Fleecing Students?

Most public universities are cashing on every opportunity to get as much money as possible from the evening or parallel degree-seeking students who troop in thousands. [Read More]

Hunger: A Product of the Mind?

Why are people poor and hungry? One’s worldview will determine how this question is answered. The way the problem is defined will determine the solution put forward. [Read More]

Kwesi Pratt Jnr,Thinkers and Development

"Once in a while, a true intellectual revolutionary appears, without whose recorded thoughts, the world would be unimaginably different." [Read More]

The Dilemma of Short Term and Long Term

Term limits in most of the African countries were introduced after 1980 during the second wave of liberation that also ushered in multiparty politics. They were introduced because of the life-presidency tendency that was experienced between 1960 and 1980.What safeguards have been put in place to ensure a bad leader doesn't cling on to power? [Read More]

U.N Summit not a solution to Poverty

To export the African problem to the U.N. will perpetuate the predicament that Africa faces at the moment: lack of good managers! [Read More]

Which Way for Sino-Africa Ties?

Africa should learn from the tactics and clever approaches that China uses to further its ambitions. Like every smart nation, China knows how to take care of its interests first. This is what Africa has to learn; to take care of its own interests. [Read More]

Homegrown Policies Will Save Africa

As Africa emerges from its isolation imposed by geography, the expatriates from different disciplines should formulate policies that will point to the universality of the human condition and make the continent join the undertakings of mankind on equal footing. [Read More]

Can Kenyans Rely on the Government?

In the absence of the local conflict resolution strategies and almost a non-existent government in the region, the sour relation between these communities came in the fore and boiled giving rise to the massacre. It is high time the Kenyan government woke up to the realities of life. [Read More]

Africa: What's the Way Forward?

Begging cannot make the future of Africa. Begging at the doors of the big 8, 10 or 7 cannot make the future of Africa. We are in need for a plan for our mutual cooperation, and between the big or the small. [Read More]

Africa: Fair Trade not Aid

The AU is saying we need some fair-trade not some Aid. There is no point in asking the rich countries to open up their markets to us when we close ours against each other. We cannot sustainably globalise without Africanising. [Read More]

Smart Aid for Africa

Africa’s long term growth prospects do not lie in rock concerts and increased dependency on Western aid but on the ability of the African people or civil society groups to instigate reform from within. [Read More]

Fighting Poverty through migration

Migrant workers remit about $100 billion a year, the International Monetary Fund estimates, a sum that dwarfs foreign aid. [Read More]

African Debt not a Sexy Affair

Instead of being hoodwinked by sexy good looking ideas such as debt relief, Africa should urgently turn inward for solutions to her problems. [Read More]

Sex Industry on Heat

To sell or not to sell sex? This is the question that confronts many governments and religions as prostitution steadily turns into a commercial industry. Our commentator urges governments to legalize it to make it safe. [Read More]

Black Smoke Everywhere

Africa’s policy makers have since independence developed ambitious development strategies to fight poverty. But they seem to have stalled along the way and leaders need to convene and continent-wide conclave to re-energize this drive. [Read More]

In Free Trade, We Trust

The past week saw a gathering of the world?s most notorious advocates of foreign aid to celebrate the Global Week of Action on Trade. An advertiser?s announcement in the Ghanaian newspaper, the Daily Graphic, predicted a ?big showdown with the current obn [Read More]

Referendum: Wealth Creation not Constitution

Kenya should be strategizing to shift from a third world to a first world by putting favorable structures in place. People cannot eat the constitution but by mobilizing the masses to engage in wealth creation, the country would be building permanent structures that could be aped by the rest of Africa. [Read More]

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