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10 - 17 February 2016 
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Are we Running Out of Energy?

More than 100 years ago, doomsayers feared England’s industrialism and global might would erode due to a limited supply of coal. (England was one of the leading providers of coal.) Today, England has yet to run out of coal. [Read More]

Kikwete-Obama Meeting:Should Tanzania Celebrate?

In spite of his meeting with Obama, Kikwete did not negotiate any meaningful deal save being tutored and commended by Obama. [Read More]

Republicans Should Give Obama a Chance

Anyone who does not like Obama's leadership may want to move overseas and come back after he is done doing his job, in 2017. One such person is Gov. Rick Perry of Texas [Read More]

The Modern Suppression of African American Psyche

It is experienced every time we [Blacks] read a newspaper, watch the evening news, listen to a radio report, enter a classroom and read its racially biased textbooks. [Read More]

Africans Must Adorn Self Confidence

The disclosure that there is a media driven psychosocial treatment of Black American is true and it is directly intertwined with the extensive challenges negatively impacting Black America today. [Read More]

EAC: Why East Africa Heads Cannot be Trusted

For over fourty years, Zanzibar has been breastfed by mainland Tanzania. But on rumours of oil, it wants to break away from the mainland. If Zanzibar cannot share oil with mainland Tanzania, how will it share its resources with other East Africans? [Read More]

Somalia: What Feeds Piracy?

It is time that world powers remembered the Somali crisis and acted decisively. Rich countries must stop looting poor ones. Otherwise crimes such as piracy will never be rooted out [Read More]

Will South Africa go to the Dogs Like Tanzania?

Zuma has openly showed how he anxiously wants to become South Africa’s President; he’s not laid down his plans for the nation! Unfortunately though, South Africans are not asking him what he plans to do for them. Verily, it was said: love is blind. [Read More]

Migration: What makes Africans Board the ‘Death Boats?’

If we are to ban migration, Let every one return to the land from which they came. Let Americans return to Europe. Let Europeans go back to Asia. The Arabs of North Africa should return to the Arabian Peninsula. Australians must return to Britain or Holland. The boers to Netherlands. [Read More]

Migingo: Has Museveni Taken Over Kenya?

Is Kenya's security operating on 'orders from above' to pay a blind eye in the Migingo saga? [Read More]

Divorce Africa from the World Bank and IMF

The World Bank/IMF operate in the arena of development like a one-party dictator, accountable to no one but themselves. They perpetuate the functions that colonial governments served; operate according to the dictates of their major shareholders; are not accountable to the African [Read More]

ICC on Bashir: A Warrant of Hypocrisy?

If the world can dispense justice at the expense of the weak and to the advantage of the strong, it should stick to the older tools of crime prevention: force and negotiation, and leave justice out of it. [Read More]

ICC Warrant : Bashir is Guilty

Most likely, Al-Bashir will resign to give an opportunity to the NIF hard-liners to bypass the implementation of the CPA, the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA), and the Doha Agreement. [Read More]

Africans Must Rewrite their Own History

If you want success badly enough and believe in yourself, then you can attain your goals and become anything you want in life. The greatest challenge in your life is to look deep within yourself to see the greatness that is inside you, and those around you. [Read More]

Was Nkunda Arrested or Recalled Home?

The ‘arrest’ of Nkunda is still sketchy and murky. Much remains to be seen and it is too good to be true. Was Nkunda arrested or he was recalled home for spanking and reprimanding? [Read More]

The Nigerian Journalist and the Practice of Journalism

Without journalists and the intellectual class, society would stagnate, regress, or even decay. [Read More]

DR Congo Crisis: Tanzania's Hand

Had Tanzania not supported Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni who likewise cloned Rwandan Paul Kagame, there would have been no crisis in DRC and genocide in Rwanda. [Read More]

Africans are NOT Lazy!

If people were properly rewarded for their hard work, there wouldn't be so many disgruntled, unsuccessful people of all skin tones in America who paid their dues and were pushed to the side. [Read More]

Africa and India Interrogate World Order

When one looks outside the window towards the "African Street," what does he see? World powers and re-emerging powers only see minerals, oil, timber and all raw materials that ought to drive their industries. [Read More]

DRC Crisis:Is Tanzania Next?

UN units in DRC have totally failed due to double standard and corruption. [Read More]

Waki Report should be Treaded Cautiously

Under the direct authorization and supervision of the United Nations, the Waki Commission acted within it's mandate to hand over its list of alleged perpetrators of violence to the official mediator, for prosecution at the ICC, in Hague. [Read More]

Obama's Endorsement: Lessons for Africa

On November 4, 2008, win or lose, Senator Barrack Obama will truly turn the pages of America's social, cultural and political history. [Read More]

MPs Turn Sharks!

At the moment they are up in arms against taxation of their allowances in Kenya while common peasants pay tax. What a shame! [Read More]

The US Africa Questions

The US involvement in African affairs is generating a lot of heat. What is your take on the US Africa question? [Read More]

Bush Africa Visit: Africa Must Be Wary!

How can Africans trust a man who after his dubious election in 2000 at a state dinner in Brazil turned to the German ambassador and asked him if there were ‘black people in Brazil?’ [Read More]

Bush's Africa Visit a Danger to Africa

What then should we expect of Bush’s visit to the region? Many weapons to be sold to Rwanda and Uganda so that they can nourish their Nkundas in the DRC? Shall there be anything to expect, it is Osama. [Read More]

Taming First Ladies: Lessons from Canada

In many African countries the calving of this unconstitutional position for the first lady goes beyond limit. Even the children of the first family act like "little presidents." [Read More]

Chad Implosion Portends Failure of the African Union

failures such as corruption and election-rigging do not even feature on the agenda of the AU any time they meet--although these remain the real unifying features of Africa. [Read More]

Tribal Senators to Save Kenya

Moving people of one ethnic community from one region to another will only serve to polarize Kenya further. It will adversely affect small and medium sized enterprises which in most cases are run by entrepreneurs who settle in different parts of the country. [Read More]

Tribalism in Africa: A Western Creation?

That the masses of Kenya have been cheated out of the electoral change they sought is indisputable. What is reprehensible is the cynical manner in which the people’s genuine anger has been orchestrated into ‘tribal conflict.’ [Read More]

Raila and Kibaki Should Step Aside!

Kenya is larger than Hon. Raila, Hon. Kibaki and their compatriots. Since ordinary Kenyans are their employers, they cannot be relegated to the gallery. [Read More]

Is 1994 Rwanda Beckoning Kenya?

Our leaders will continue to lead us where they want; even to death as long as they remain in power. [Read More]

Africa Hungers for Renaissance

I am calling for an Africa-wide citizens' movement: Citizens of the renaissance.Africans must understand that they are masters of their destiny [Read More]

Germany's Unseen Hand in Kenya Crisis

Since the beginning of the Nineties reports about the devastating effects of the G3 German assault rifle have increased. [Read More]

Kenya Must Expand Her Middle Class

As globalization swept through cities, marginalized groups were left floundering in poverty. In the best case scenarios a middle class began to emerge to give hope to the masses in townships. [Read More]

No Peace With Masks On

Peace is not switching off our television when the sights are too violent, or altogether avoiding “uncomfortable” topics. [Read More]

Africa Union Can Save Kenya

Kenya presents the African Union an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate itself by using its diplomatic clout to strongly reject the outcome of the flawed electoral process in Kenya. [Read More]

Kibaki: Friend or Foe of the People?

If people are killed because they don’t like their president, and if they are ready to close up their business and go to demonstrate against the existence of their own president, then President Kibaki must ask himself whose people he is trying to lead. [Read More]

Kenyans of Goodwill Must Destroy Godzilla Eggs

While some of us have been working hard to build a United Africa; a few people seem hell-bend to reintroduce ethnic kingdoms and destroy Kenya. [Read More]

Africa Can Borrow a Leaf from China

From the outset of economic reform, China has been gradually opening and integrating its economy with the rest of the world, resulting in large increases in external trade and foreign investment. [Read More]

The Irony of a Jacob Zuma Presidency

Zimbabweans have all the reasons to be more optimistic about Zuma's 'hard-line approach' on Mugabe because the latter is not only accused of having massacred twenty thousand Zuma's 'Zulu descendants' in Matebeleland, but also that ZANUpf resents strategic alliances between COSATU - Zuma's key [Read More]

In Defense of Mr. Kibaki

Rather than heap all the blame on the President for wrongs which I don’t believe he committed, all Kenyans and particularly our leaders should embark on reforms in changing the constitution [Read More]

Zimbabweans Contemplate Kenya's ODM Model

Ethnic tribal politics are just the gunpowder that Zimbabweans, like Kenyans, require for resistance, but not necessarily in the scale of Kenya's barbaric sectarian violence. [Read More]

Kenyans Must Save Kenya

If regional rulers are all rotten, should we turn to the international community? As fate may have it, chances of putting the genie back to the bottle this way are also slim. [Read More]

Lessons from the Kenya Electoral Crisis

If Kenyans controlled the government purse, they would exercise their democratic rights by starving the beast in political elites. [Read More]

Isolate Extremists and Save Kenya and Africa

I appeal to political elites, business people, and the Kenyan middle class in general to take individual initiative to pin point to their relatives that vote tallying irregularities was not executed by a whole community but by a few people. [Read More]

Museveni Is to Blame

Museveni should explain to Kenyans why and what he had come to discuss with Kibaki who is believed to have rigged himself into power against the wish of the electorate who are now bearing the brunt of Museveni's costly fallacy. [Read More]

East African Union: Is It Rulers or Citizenry’s Outfit?

If one carefully looks at the developed and established unions we like to ape such as EU, one will find that the secret behind their success lies on the full participation of the citizenry. [Read More]

…If it Were Home

What would one expect if Wolfowitz were an employee of our financial institutions at home in Dar, Kampala and Nairobi? [Read More]

The Beginning of the End for the Philosopher King in South Africa

The era of tinkering with Party processes and constitution of the country is winding down across the continent. People want leaders with limited terms who retire to do other things for the country, the continent and the world instead of just finding ways of hanging on. [Read More]

Lisbon Summit: Another Colonization of Africa ?

How can we be negotiating with the EU as EAC, ECOWAS, and SADC, etc when they were negotiating with us as the EU? [Read More]

Technology Will Narrow Africa’s Rich Poor Gap

Africa’s inability to realize its potential and embrace technology has left it at the mercy of the West. The time has come for Africa to rise to the occasion, make use of it intellectual prowess, embrace technology and catapult itself to wealth creation. [Read More]

Africa Must Undergo a Brand Change

Unless a regional initiative is established that responsibly, consistently and proactively engages with the current channels of aid and charity branding of Africa, all efforts to re-brand the continent for economic purposes will fail. [Read More]

Africa's Headquarters are Not Overseas

If we all knew what it means for an African leader who is revered at home and must beg at the door of a Paris donor club to meet the promises in his election manifesto, we would think twice before making our leaders a laughing stalk abroad. [Read More]

Begging Will Not Save Africa!

Africa, endowed with abundant natural resources, should not degrade herself by begging or depending on handouts and left-overs. Don’t our rulers know this? Once the brain moves down to the stomach, knowing and not knowing may sound the same. [Read More]

Peoples’ Republic Vs United States: Which Way for Africa?

As former colonies which successfully overcame their own subjugation, it is to both China and India ~ and their burgeoning diasporas ~ that Africa should turn for the toolbox out of which to reconstitute itself on the road to its own ultimate destiny [Read More]

Europe Loses Faith Powerhouse to Africa

The challenge for Africa now is to appropriate the Christian faith and ‘sell it’ to new generations as well as ‘resell’ it to its former custodians in the Global North. [Read More]

2007 East Africa’s Most Respected Company Awards Inaccurate

Asking CEOs to award one of their own is a good thing but we should put in mind that it is the common consumer who is in a better position to give a more accurate account regarding services from the so called top companies. [Read More]

Capitalism or Socialism?: Tanzania at Crossroads

Tanzanians used to take capitalism as cruel and exploitative. Where are they today? They are more political "animalistic" and cannibalistic than the Kenyans they used to call gibbons. If Kenyans were gibbons, Tanzanians are currently devils. [Read More]

EU Anti-Africa Migration Stance Contradicts History

Africans going to Europe just like explorers, missionaries and other thugs did are barred and referred to as illegal immigrants; whilst in post colonial era, Africans still remember and treasure names such as Livingstone, Mungo Park, Henry Morton Stanley, Carl Peters and others! [Read More]

Ian Smith Was Better Than Mugabe

Ian Smith ruled under exactly the same conditions like Robert Mugabe’s today, but the former defied the odds and made Rhodesia a leading industrial economy in the Southern Hemisphere. [Read More]

Darfur: The Future of Peace Talks

All Darfurians are stakeholders. They do not need to command troops or hold territory in order to have a say on how to bring peace and justice to Darfur. Darfur’s movements should learn from the SPLM experience. [Read More]

What Africa Can Learn from Afghanistan

The labeling of Talibans as a brutal regime as well as branding some Muslims as ‘extremists’ is a fallacious ploy to propagate the Western agenda. [Read More]

Rwanda: Why is Kagame Fighting the Press?

What Rwandans need is not seeing their sons flee to far away countries but being part of the new order- one in which people's ideas can be freely expressed for the good of all. [Read More]

Cultural Revolution Will Save Africa

First Africans must imprint on their children that our history did not begin with the Europeans, our history goes back to the first humans who began in Africa. We are Africans, not Frenchmen, Englishmen or Americans [Read More]

The Darfur Crisis: A Creation of Racism and International Meddling?

Put all these together, and you have the government of Sudan, the ethnic rivalry that has masterminded this crisis and the confusion and indecision of the International community to blame. [Read More]

Which Way for Sudanese Identity?

The Sudanese identity should not be a unique identity that only represents a sector of the society, as it is today. But, an identity made up of various sub-identities that include all the ethnic groups' identities and cultural diversities. [Read More]

Majimbo: Give Kenyan Public Enough Facts!

Any national restructuring that is as controversial as Majimbo should be unanimously accepted before implementation is even considered. [Read More]

Dube Murder: South Africa Unfit to Host FIFA 2010

If you cannot trust a South African with an innocent life driving a simple two-hundred thousand Rand car, why would we believe the US million-dollar Thierry Henries and Ronaldinhos of the football world will be safe in Johannesburg? [Read More]

Zimbabwe Crisis: UK Should Not Deceive the World

The so-called flouting of principles is nothing but a smokescreen to justify punitive action by the UK on Zimbabwe for daring to embark on a full scale land reform programme without the former colonial power’s concurrence. [Read More]

Who Is To Save Africa?

Africa has taken hefty blows on the chin from a number of quarters. It is bad enough to take a left hook when standing but it is something else when you are lying prostrate on the floor. [Read More]

MDGs: Africa and UN Must Rethink Strategies

MDGs talk is hot air balloon unless governments deliberately pursue peace and create an environment that will create productivity. If such an environment is provided, then and only then African can reduce the rampant poverty [Read More]

Patriotism: Preaching Water and Drinking Wine?

Let African dictators keep their version of patriotism in the annals of their forgettable, yet impeachable history. To us, it's simply - superficial, when they say it. [Read More]

Statist NGOs Hijack Africa’s Agenda

Statist NGOs have enormous influence on public opinion. But before we take their medicine, we must carefully read the label. If we do not, we are likely to suffer serious and unpleasant side effects. [Read More]

Ghana in Search of Authentic Visionaries

Almost all the politicians talk as if they have “vision” while their opponents have none. Cosmologically, the “vision” mantra makes the politician a bit of a supernatural figure [Read More]

Kenya Ripe for Ideology

Kenyans must demand that political party vehicles state clearly their economic ideology, the mode through which they propose to deliver prosperity. Kenya at 44 years after independence is surely ripe for ideology driven politics. [Read More]

Africa Must Learn From Colonialism

Instead of engaging in the blame game, we ought to learn positive things from the colonial experience that can make the continent grow. Europeans, who colonized Africa, had their own problems. [Read More]

Africa Must Resist the US Africa Command

The important point for Africans to remember is to ask, if the US was wrong in Iraq, why should Africans believe the USA when it argues that it is in Africa to fight terrorism? [Read More]

Internal Reparations Must Precede External Reparations!

The hell that one African is running from, another African is running to. The common urge is to mobilize resources to exchange the hell that you are familiar with for the hell that you are not familiar with. [Read More]

Local Initiatives: Key to Peace in Africa

Foreign approaches to conflict prevention and mediation are not healthy for Africa because they do not build individual, organizational and community capacity, particularly in the marginalized and under resourced communities. [Read More]

Media Associations Should Promote Local Think Tanking

Journalists fear to point out failures of the local governments where they are located for fear of being at loggerheads with potential advertisers, let alone losing their jobs [Read More]

Foreign Aid: A Cancer to Africa

Africans shall never develop as a result of “foreign Aid” but rather by re-discovering themselves, exploiting their own potential and being partners in development matters. Aid is a cancer to Africa and should be fought now - not tomorrow. [Read More]

It’s Not Capitalism, but Legal Plunder!

Unless governments on this continent deliberately seek to promote the positive spirit of “self interest” that serves a larger majority (business), capitalists from Western countries will continue to exploit our resources, while our politicians (law makers) benefit their own families [Read More]

External Factors: Cause of Africa’s Woes?

The first step to improving our country is to examine our lives and to see what we're doing to the world. [Read More]

How Can We Redefine Aid?

Giving Kenyans and by extension Africans an opportunity to do business and other prosperity causing activities ought to be the key to fighting poverty. [Read More]

Africa’s Problems: Has God left Africa?

God is deeply in Africa, as the immense wealth of continent show. It is up to Africa to use God, through his gift of intelligence for Africa’s material progress. [Read More]

Money: Lesson from Samburu Millionaires

Viewing money as a receipt for value, a creation and resultant effect of exchange between different parties; offers a chance to translate African problems into opportunities. [Read More]

Business: No Go Zone for Governments

Business is not the enemy- but the self-destruct mismanagement of macroeconomic fundamentals and failure to respect property rights and individual liberties rampaging in corridors of power. [Read More]

Lessons from 10,000 Nameless Black Men

A movie entitled “10,000 Black Men Called George” dramatizes the tribulations of African Americans who were humiliated as porters but viewed as heroes by fellow black community members. I find 960 million black people called George! [Read More]

Exposure Will “Sharpen” Africans

We cannot subjugate other peoples based on a premise that our way is the ultimate way. We cannot force nations to succumb to our will because we feel we have a mandate from God or some other source to make the world like us. [Read More]

‘Think Tanking’ in Zimbabwe

To say that think tanks did not play a role in Zimbabwe’s post-war economic transformation would be a lie. I base my generalisation on the proliferation of economic reform programs in the second half of Zimbabwe’s independence. [Read More]

Africa’s Unity: Gradualist Approach is a Western Script

The people of Africa may seem docile, long-suffering but so did the Kulaks in Russia before 1917. Africans must learn as they build instead of waiting for ideal conditions or Western approval. [Read More]

The Economics of God and Satan

The word “God” is always on the lips of some politicians whenever they face acute challenges, are short of words or reach the limit of their comprehension. God’s name reels a powerful sense of stagecraft by the politicians [Read More]

Bulgaria Saga: Can the AU front Africa's Agenda?

The EU has not only demonstrated that it loves its citizens above all other nationalities but it is also pampering Libya to disregard the recent abuse. Meanwhile, the question is: Do we value our human capital as does the EU? [Read More]

Waiting to Inherit: The Road to Poverty

What would you say of a man who shamelessly demands that his bed-ridden father quickly distributes land among siblings before breathing his last? Just how heartless can some of us become? [Read More]

Ghana: Lessons from Botswana’s Diamond Production

Ghana need not go far to learn how to avoid an eventual oil windfall and its impact. There is an African success story. [Read More]

Alcohol Self Regulation and Competition

Advertising in a population that is largely young and starved of avenues for energy outlets is a big challenge to any responsible alcohol industry player. [Read More]

China: Africa’s Friend or Foe?

It is hypocritical for Western states to be concerned about how China is approaching Africa when they have had centuries of relations with Africa, starting with slavery and continuing to the present day with exploitation and cheating. [Read More]

“United States of Africa” Talk Ignores Crucial Issues

The AU summit was full of lofty ideals of unity, not least from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, yet nothing of any use on the real disasters of Zimbabwe, Darfur, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea. [Read More]

Safaricom’s Lesson for Africa Union

If anyone genuinely wants a United Africa, or a United Kenya, the best place to start is to get Kenyans, and Africans engaging in business so as to see the value of other tribes as a “market.” A united Africa will indeed remain a mirage if we let the political class drive the unity. [Read More]

Nigeria’s President not Credit Worthy

Nigeria is not ready for serious reform on how its government works with respect to finances and the PURSE politics. [Read More]

Africans are Not Beggars!

Africans are under pricing their raw materials and commodities to developed nations because their bargaining power is lowered by the weight of foreign aid and debt relief. Africans are not beggars, we are simply being conned! [Read More]

China: Not All that Glitters is Gold!

Most consumer protection agencies in poor countries are ill equipped and lack qualified human resource and strong mandate. As the level of exports to African countries continue to grow, it is important for each country to evaluate its safety agencies. [Read More]

In Defense of Slum Dwellers

Development means improving the lives of the PEOPLE - the poor, living in slums. You don't do so by DESTROYING their settlements or razing the informal sector. In fact, the informal sector is where REAL WEALTH is to be made in Africa [Read More]

United States of Africa: An Emotional Trip?

Until the sum of the parts are strong, the resulting whole will not be strong. The world is impatiently waiting for Africa to re-claim its due place in the comity of nations. [Read More]

Africans Are Tired of Remaining Small

For East Africans to be competitive at a global level, they cannot afford to remain informal and micro-enterprisers because of fear of government regulators and their policies. Such enterprises ought to be encouraged to link up with established businesses for purposes of strengthening their business [Read More]

Leadership: Key to Africa’s Renaissance

This bright new future in Africa will require inspired leadership; and it is my contention that the way we educate our leaders will make all the difference. [Read More]

Africans Tired of Remaining Small

For East Africans to be competitive at a global level, they cannot afford to remain informal and micro-enterprisers because of fear of government regulators and their policies. [Read More]

Bill Gates Should Exit the Guilt Lane

Gates is free to do what he wishes with his $ 90 billion. The aid path has however been trodden before and stifled rather than enhanced development. [Read More]

A New Africa on Its Way

Venture capitalists are out there looking for brilliant ideas that are taking off the ground. Partnership restores African dignity compared to the much hyped G8 aid that leaves Africans questioning their own abilities. [Read More]

“Aid Breathalyzer” to Measure Economic Growth!

Kenyan academicians should develop an “aid-breathalyzer” to enable citizens determine whether growth is merely an artificial feeling due to donors or is driven by African entrepreneurs and business people. [Read More]

Ghana Rethinks Its Development Process

For 50 years, Ghanaian elites have not been able to re-think the impact of ex-colonial neo-liberal values on their traditional values, confidence, and dignity. [Read More]

Zimbabwe for Top UN Job? No Way!

The free world can no longer watch in bewildered paralysis as the United Nations continues to pander to the whims of political patronage. [Read More]

Globalization: Hurting Poor Nations

Globalization has spurred inequality - both in the wealthiest countries as well as developing nations [Read More]

Media Must Change With The Times

Unless media houses take advantage of technology and understand what the needs of their audiences are, they are set for demise. [Read More]

Mabira Forest: Uganda Government in Moral Dilemma

It would be a disaster to rely on Uganda’s unpatriotic parliamentarians knowing that they have the pathetic tendency of doing everything to please the leadership, even if it meant tossing the country’s natural resources into thin air. [Read More]

Zimbabwe: Why African Leaders are Silent

African leaders are justified not to tell Mugabe off as this would mean they are supporting opposition parties, that are giving them headache in their own backyards. [Read More]

Nuclear Race: Iran Should be Emulated

Iran is not the only country trying to acquire Nuclear weapons. How come nobody is talking any more about North Korea whose capability is technically ahead of that of the Iranians and whose leaders have also declared their readiness to use it ‘for pre-emptive action’, the principle so beloved by Bush’s America? [Read More]

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