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25 - 02 December 2015 
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HP Declares War on Counterfeits

Hewlett Packard (HP), the world’s leading technology company, is vowing to protect its customer’s against counterfeits through the newly launched HP mobile phone authentification device. [Read More]

Muttallab: What Happened?

Since terrorism is a world concern, can US allow a UN or Hague kind of inquiry into what happened so that we that are not directly connected can fill in many gaping holes needing answers? [Read More]

Nigeria:Terrorism and a People's Passivity

Nigeria's 10 million child beggars someday, could be rife for the murderous philosophies Abdulmutallab fell for [Read More]

Why Branding Kenya is an Uphill Task

Naturally, political leadership as well as legal statutes are key considerations that determine either success or failure of other national agendas. [Read More]

Brand Kenya: Government Must Involve Citizenry

The failure to capture the Obama sensation might have caused the government to wake up to smell the coffee. Coupled with the coming of the World Cup in few months time, the opportunity cannot be squandered. [Read More]

Who Will Brand Africa?

Ask a white kid about Africa. He or she knows diseases, wars, hungers, vampires. They don’t know that the coffee they drink and computers they use everyday are made from raw materials from Africa! Sad indeed. [Read More]

Africa and the Media: Who is Failing Whom?

Africans, African governments and African businesses should take the lead in presenting to the world a different face of Africa, one that highlights the successes, ingenuity and progress of the continent. [Read More]

African Culture Must be Preserved

Why should we adopt foreign languages in an African setting? [Read More]

Tribute to African Statesmen

They shine in what someone derogatively called the "Dark Continent." [Read More]

The Brand You

Great brands achieve extra ordinary accomplishments. Your brand sets you apart. It is the supreme realisation of your innate idiosyncrasy, the absolute affirmation of all that constitutes you and the greatest possible freedom of your self determination. [Read More]

Alvaro: Battle for Market Pitting Heavy Weights

With breweries, distilleries, support industries and a distribution network across the region, the group's diversity is an important factor in delivering its brands to East African consumers and long-term value to East African investors. [Read More]

Advertising: The Real Power

Brands built with exceptional strategy and creativity are unstoppable. Their growth is sustained by their being virtually intuitive and appealing to the mind [Read More]

Branding Africa

Indeed, the way in which mainstream Western media outlets present Africa does little to challenge the assumption that the only thing the continent has going for it is the West. [Read More]

Blackouts: African Citizens Must be Proactive

If Africa has to be industrialized and exit third world status, its citizens must be tired of the status quo and demand efficient service delivery. In Kenya, the KPLC must be compelled by law to compensate all people who were affected in one way or another by the unfortunate blackout. [Read More]

From ‘Proudly South African’ to ‘Proudly Xenophobic’ ?

South Africans only have themselves to blame if they let the rainbow nation drown to the levels of failed nations by shouting ‘Proudly Xenophobic’ to the world. [Read More]

Re-Branding Zimbabwe for Global Competitiveness

The need for Africa to re-define its agenda for development in the face of mounting competition raises a crucial and compelling case [Read More]

Branding: Which Way for Africa?

The current branding of Africa like all power brands is very valuable. Erecting or establishing a new brand, will entail reducing the impact of the current aid and charity brand. [Read More]

Challenge Stereotypes and Communicate Potentials

Current efforts to re-brand Africa focus on communicating the possibilities and business innovations taking place in Africa, while ignoring the branding activities of international aid and charity marketing. [Read More]

Africa’s Competing Visions for the 21st Century

Despite the awareness and the pleas—and the impression that much is being done for “Africa”—overall international aid to Africa has consistently fallen during the last decade; most of the G8 promises to help Africa have not been met [Read More]

Informed Branding Scales Heights

There is a thin line between religion and lifestyle. That is why caution must not be thrown to the wind when branding a product. This is known even to the political elite when personality branding is done, some even steer clear of religious soft spots. [Read More]

A Good Brand Is a Promise; A Great Brand Is a Promise Kept

When our lives are over and our lifeless bodies are at the mercy of our relatives and friends, What do those left behind really mourn? [Read More]

Branding: Small Businesses Vs Big Businesses

The world is moving in a direction which favours the small business. More demanding consumers means higher demand for more personalized services - a strength for the small business brand. [Read More]

Working Towards Pan African Brands

Africa must first position itself strategically in the global map before successful Pan African brands can exist. A Pan African brand will be one that has gained respect and patronage in all the major regional and economic blocks of Africa. [Read More]

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