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17 - 24 December 2008 
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Human Rights

Zimbabwe's Abductees: What Should You Do?

Missing persons adverts should be posted in the local dailies, at every police station and broadcast over the radio FREE OF CHARGE. [Read More]

Yes We Can End Gender Violence

Violence against women carries with it economic costs such as absenteeism from duty and diverting funds to healthcare, amongst others. [Read More]

Thorny Media Bill: New Constitution Will Save Kenya

I may not like how the media behaves (as happened in the 2007 general elections and constitutional review referendum when they became partisan) but I will support their right to speak freely. [Read More]

Media Bill - Legalising Impunity- Have Our MPs Run Amock?

What these legislators are doing in effect is legalising impunity. If this bill is passed, we will plunge into the anarchy of the 80s where one party rule was the order of the day. We will lose our civil rights. [Read More]

Media Gag: Media Partly to Blame

For now, reduce the level of political content and ignore MPs for one full month. This will put them in their right senses and plunge their arrogance. [Read More]

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