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04 - 11 January 2012 
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Sierra Leone: African Politicians and Juju Dabbling

Sierra Leone is a perfect example of how the African politician should do away with the absurd juju-marabou spiritualism if Africa is to progress with clear-headedness. [Read More]

High Cost of Living: Is Kenya Courting a Revolution?

Remember, the French never revolted because they were the most poor and most oppressed. The revolution was driven by the fact that the French had tested freedom and therefore wanted absolute freedom. [Read More]

China: Soft Power Exploits in Africa

China's soft power approach is accompanied by a strong diplomatic push to build friendly partnerships with African governments [Read More]

Indigenisation: Engine for Economic Growth

By not offering an actual concrete alternative to the indigenisation programme, the MDC-T risks becoming its own worst electoral enemy. [Read More]

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