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15 - 22 February 2012 
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China 2012 – The Fall of The Chinese Miracle

The crash of "the Chinese model" is only a matter of time, keeping in mind the dynamics of economic processes [Read More]

Nigeria: Is Wake Keeping a 'Fleecing' Business?

Igbo-Nigerians in US, unduly impose on others with unwarranted expectation in times of death. [Read More]

Ghana: Review and Re-Negotiation of Stability and Mining Agreements

Ordinary Ghanaians are expressing concerns and reservations about the social and economic benefits that the formal mining sector provides to the people of Ghana [Read More]

India-Africa Hydrocarbons Linkage

Today, more than one-fifth of India’s crude oil imports are from Africa, with the major suppliers being Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Egypt, Cameroon Equatorial Guinea and Sudan. [Read More]

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