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02 - 09 January 2013 
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Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma: New Year Statement

Let us advance the ideals of Pan Africanism and the African Renaissance. [Read More]

Simone Gbagbo Indictment : African First Ladies Must Beware

Simone becomes the first African woman and the first- first lady to be indicted by ICC. [Read More]

Africa in 2013: A Critical Year for African Leaders

African leaders have the opportunity in 2013 to address specific, unavoidable issues that can slow down continental development efforts. [Read More]

Nigeria: A Letdown to Africa

It is not being in office for the prestige and glamour of it, but using the instruments of political office to advance and effect changes suitable for a peoples' well being, [Read More]

Marcus Garvey: Why Africa Must be Confident

The world is indebted to Africa for the benefits of civilization. Why should we be ashamed of ourselves? [Read More]

Somalia: Learning from the Past

AMISOMís legacy must be the end of the evil scourge of terrorism in Somalia and the promotion of good governance and democratic ideals in the country. [Read More]

Diplomatic Immunity: The Need for Exceptions

Sometimes, diplomatic immunity has led to breakdown in the rule of law, murder, military coups and chaos [Read More]

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