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16 - 23 January 2013 
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Economic Growth: Women Should Not be Ignored

Women reinvest up to 90 per cent of their income into their children and families. This multiplier effect results in better health, better education, and improved well-being for families and future generations. [Read More]

2013: A Special Year for Africa

As majority of African countries join the jubilee year since independence; elites and the population in general must take courage to salvage the continent from centuries of abuse. [Read More]

African Coastal Waters: The Search for Independence

Africa can no longer afford to enthrone and celebrate the colonial divisions that have chiefly served the purpose of empowering other continents to her own detriment. [Read More]

Gaddafi's Libya : Africa's Most Prosperous Democracy

During the NATO bombardment of Libya, western media conveniently forgot to mention that the United Nations had just prepared a lengthy dossier praising Mr. Gaddafi's human rights achievements. [Read More]

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